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Winter Quarter Abroad Creates New Opportunities

SCU Study Abroad Winter Quarter 2014

Many of us in the SCU community think of study abroad as a fall quarter activity. Indeed, fall has been our most productive quarter for study abroad. Still, fall quarter presents challenges for some academic disciplines and for athletes. Sending one third of our junior class abroad each fall also adds stress to class scheduling, housing, and budgets during fall quarter and when all of our students return in winter. To address these concerns we have been working with colleagues on campus and at our partner organizations and institutions to create and promote more opportunities for winter study abroad. We are pleased to report that these efforts have begun to yield results as you will see in the following chart:

Study Abroad Winter Quarter

Most of this growth is centered in three programs: the London Internship Program, IES Barcelona, and IES Rome. We are also seeing strong interest in spring semester study abroad and in year-long study abroad. With this initial success we are working to diversify the options with more opportunities for Winter and Spring 2015. We will launch the Winter/Spring 2015 SCU Study Abroad application at the beginning of Spring Quarter. Students will have until June 15th to complete their applications. We look forward to working with all of you to promote these opportunities.

What follows is a profile of SCU student Tayler Wiley, who is currently participating in a year-long study abroad program in Seville, Spain. Long-term language intensive programs such as this one create unique contexts for engagement and for academic, professional, and personal development. His engagement and entrepreneurship impresses us and makes us proud to be Broncos. We hope that you enjoy his story:


Red House Café

Submitted by Tayler Wiley, currently studying in Seville, Spain

Sitting at the somewhat “hipster” café located on Calle Amor de Dios, in the center of Seville, Spain, I was drinking my coffee and reading through my Spanish assignments like any other day. The owner of the art and food house, Álvaro, approached me, but this time to talk about more than just how the coffee tasted. He had seen my Nikon D800, and heard me talking about editing films. He asked me if, for free food, I would be interested in making a promotional video of the new painting of their front doors. Next day I was meeting Ed Zumba, the graffiti artist, and setting up my camera.

Click for enlarged image

Click for enlarged image

Two weeks later Álvaro and his colleagues were impressed by the work, and I was inspired to continue. I have since been taking this example video to new bars and restaurants, offering my services as a promotional cinematographer. I am doing what I love, improving my Spanish, forming wonderful relationships with native business owners, building my resume, and even making a little money. I couldn’t ask for a better experience studying abroad. It is my hope to continue working on my camera work and storytelling skills, expand my networking, and hopefully move back to Spain after gradation next June to work in film, whether for a large company or Nongovernmental Organization.




Posted on 3/12/2014

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