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  •  A Global Perspective on Fall 2015 Undergraduate Applications


    Undergraduate Admissions has continued its strategic efforts to internationalize its applicant pool. Through international outreach, welcoming visitors from all over the world to campus and using arm-chair recruitment efforts, applications from overseas have increased 82% over the past three years. As the national enrollment deadline of May 1 approaches, we eagerly await to see the global diversity of the next Bronco class!

    A Snap Shot of Fall 2015 Undergraduate Applications:

    817 applications from high schools in 77 different countries

    238 applications from international students (non-U.S. citizens) studying at U.S. high schools


    284 U.S. citizens/ U.S. Permanent Residents applied from high schools in 47 different countries


    Top countries for # of applications:

    China                                    142

    India                                      141

    Philippines                             43

    Taiwan                                  41

    Canada                                 39

    Singapore                              38

    Hong Kong                            33

    Brazil                                    21

    Japan                                   21

    United Kingdom                   17

    Top Feeder High Schools for # of applications:

    American Nicaraguan School                       9

    American School in Japan                            11

    Hong Kong International School                    15

    Indus International School, India                   16

    International School of Beijing                        8

    International School of Manila                       11

    International School of Myanmar                     8

    Shanghai American School Puxi                    27

    Singapore American School                          28

    Taipei American School                                24


    Submitted by Becky Konowicz; Director of International Admission                                                                   

    *data as of April 20th, 2015


  •  International Careers: At Home and Abroad Panel and Networking Event

     On the evening of Tuesday, April 14th, nearly 75 students gathered in the Sky Lounge at the top of SWIG residence hall. After enjoying a beautiful view of the sun setting over the Silicon Valley, they took their seats, refreshments in hand, for a program titled, International Careers: At Home and Abroad Panel and Networking Event. SCU Study Abroad in the Global Engagement Office organized and coordinated the event with support from several campus partners including: the Career Center, SWIG Resident Staff, International Admissions, and newly hired Study Abroad student ambassadors. In addition, over a half dozen SCU staff members attended. Students had a unique opportunity to hear how global and multicultural engagement at and beyond Santa Clara equips students with unique knowledge and skills that prepare and position them for internationally-focused career pathways in the U.S. and abroad.

    Each of the 7 panelists (4 are SCU alums) had spent significant time abroad and elaborated on how their global experiences led them to professional success. Their time spent abroad enhanced not only foreign language fluency, but also cross cultural competence, creative problem solving, relationship-building and flexibility. For example, Francesca LeBaron, (Class of 2010), recalled how working on an elephant game reserve in Botswana taught her important life lessons and enhanced her profile during the job search process. (She now works at Accenture). The panelists came from many industries and sectors and are as follows:

    Danny Fant, Deloitte, Senior Consultant

    Santa Clara University / Class of 2010 / Major: Finance, Minors: International Business and Spanish


    Jack Bird, Linkedin, Business Leadership Program Associate

    Santa Clara University / Class of 2014 / Majors: Environmental Science and Political Science.


    Madeline Wu, David and Lucile Packard, Program-Related Investment Specialist

    University of California, Berkeley / B.S. in Business Administration / Pursuing MBA at the University of California, Berkeley. 


    Omari Williams, Stanford Health Care, Network Engineer

    University of Phoenix / B.S Information Technology, Specialization Network and Telecommunications


    Francesca LeBaron, Accenture, Business Strategy Consultant

    Santa Clara University / Class of 2010 / Major: Economics


    Kiana McCormick, Deloitte, Consultant

    Santa Clara University / Class of 2015 / Major: Accounting and Information Systems


    Joyce Osland, Executive Director at Global Leadership Advancement Center

    Case Western Reserve University / Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior


    Long after the event concluded, students and panelists mingled to network and share stories. The panelists had made a powerful case for the value of a global perspective and skills for engaging with difference. Many thanks to all who helped make this successful event possible!

  •  SCU Increases International Undergraduate Enrollment and Updates

     The incoming Fall Class of 2019 marks the third year of Santa Clara’s strategic goal to increase international undergraduate enrollment. Outreach efforts by the Office of Undergraduate Admission have successfully increased freshman international applications by 82% and U.S. Citizens attending high schools abroad by 128% in the last three years. As Santa Clara’s reputation builds globally, students who attend high school in many of the Pacific Rim countries are most drawn to our location, programs and community. The two largest sending populations to California’s universities are China and India according to IIE Open Doors Report, which also reflects Santa Clara’s undergraduate applicant pool as the two largest populations. Areas of recent growth are Brazil, Canada and various countries throughout Europe.

    With admission decisions being released in mid-March and the enrollment deposit deadline of May 1, we will be sure to share in a later newsletter the geographic diversity of our Class of 2019. We have a lot of work to still do between now and then! The Office of Undergraduate Admission has established an International Admission Student Volunteer program to ensure all newly admitted students overseas receive a message of congratulations (Email, Facebook, Skype, Chinese social media) from a current international student. Since many of our admitted students from overseas cannot make the journey to visit campus, this program hopes to create ties to campus and offer linkages among students. In its second year, the program has already seen its benefits of lasting friendships and mentorships between upperclassmen and newly incoming students from all over the world. Ritika Argawal ’18 (India), Mingfie “Kevin” Xiong ’19 (China) and Jessy Frydenberg ’18 (Belgium) are the student leads for the ISV program. In addition, a Chinese social media campaign has been adopted to ensure our prospective students across China can access admission information and the story of Santa Clara as they consider our campus as a future home.* Through the Chinese social media platforms of Weibo, RenRen, and QQ, the Office of Undergraduate Admission is working to reach as many prospective students and families in China as possible. Feel free to follow us, link your departments Chinese social media pages to ours and spread the stories of Santa Clara!
  •  SCU Student Sean Reilly '16 Wins Student Research Award

    Sean Reilly '16, Environmental Studies and Biology major, was awarded the Distinguished Student Research Award abroad by the School for Field Studies (SFS) for his research project, Keeping it real: Preserving authenticity in Indigenous cultural tourism, which he completed while studying abroad on the Tropical Rainforest Studies Program during Fall 2015 in Queensland, Australia.  Reilly's research found that indigenous tourism has the potential to strengthen Aboriginal communities and help them to overcome welfare dependency, but must be implemented intelligently to prevent cultural modification.  Reilly's SFS advisor Dr. Justus Kithiia says that his presentation "demonstrated a high level ability to synthesize and communicate research findings to different audiences," including aboriginal tourism operators who can use the information to strike a balance between preserving cultural integrity and maintaining economic stability.

    Outcomes of the research provide information and recommendations to community members and other stakeholders on critical, local environmental issues.  


    Students are nominated by SFS faculty based on their research design, field work, reporting and their contribution to the Center's five year plan.  SFS Dean of Academic Programs, Dr. Mark Seifert, and Assistant Dean, Dr. Meghan Graham MacLean, presented the award this spring with a nomination from the students' DR advisors.  Read more...

  •  SCU Fulbright Successes


    SCU ranks among top Fulbright producers nationally.  As published in the recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Santa Clara was once again recognized as one of the top producers of the Fulbright student awards.  Four SCU students received Fulbright awards for 2014-2015.  


    In addition to SCU's success with student awards, the University has taken steps to cultivate scholar awards.  SCU hosted Fulbright Scholar Program Officer, Alisha Scott, on February 11th.  Provost Dennis Jacobs welcomed Ms. Scott to campus during her first presentation and she spent the day meting with faculty interested in opportunities for scholarship and teaching abroad.  The day-long program was co-sponsored by Sponsored Projects, Faculty Development, and the Global Engagement Office.  If you are a faculty member interested in applying for a Fulbright Scholar award, please contact the Global Engagement Office.  Applications for most awards for 2015-16 are due August 1, 2015.

  •  SCU Student Chosen as DAAD Young Ambassador

    Congratulations to German Studies Major and two time SCU Study Abroad participant, Taylor Wakefield, for being selected as a DAAD Young Ambassador for the 2014-2015 academic year.
  •  Undergraduate Research Abroad Increases Impact, Creates Opportunities

    SCU Study Abroad collaborates with academic departments to create high impact, research intensive opportunities for students. Read one student's story of how her research in Costa Rica has shaped her career path.
  •  Distinguished Freshman Dinner 2014

    May 19th: Every spring, Undergraduate Studies honors freshmen whose academic record has been particularly strong. This year, the featured student speakers noted the profound influence that international experiences had on their Fulbright applications.
  •  Undergraduate International Admission Spring Travels: INDIA

    Admitted Student Event in Mumbai, India
    Becky Konowicz, Director of International Undergraduate Admission, travels to Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi.
  •  Global Profile: Mike Sexton

    In the past three years, Mike Sexton has traveled to Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Curacao, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay. While there, he represents US higher education and provides updates about US college admission and financial aid.