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Preview of Undergraduate International Students for Fall 2014



International Undergraduate Admission
Preview of Students for Fall 2014



As another undergraduate admission cycle wraps up with the final days of transfer admission and orientations begin for new students to campus from around the world, I wanted to share a preview of who we are welcoming to join our campus community. Our efforts this past year had us recruiting throughout Asia, Europe and Latin America. Trends have continued to see a strong interest from China, India and the Philippines; while Indonesian students have been the most represented in our transfer applicant pool from the local community colleges. In addition, U.S. citizens from abroad (also commonly referred to Third Culture Kids) have continued to find SCU attractive. These 69 students representing foreign passport holders and US citizens living overseas will enhance the global perspective at SCU and are an aspect of the global engagement strategic plan goals.


Fast Facts about these 69 Students:

  • 16% have alumni ties
  • 5 students attended a Jesuit high school (Spain, Philippines, & India)
  • 25 majors represented, including undecided
    • 33 students are enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences
    • 21 students are enrolled in the Leavey School of Business
    • 16 students are enrolled in the School of Engineering
  • 18% studied at a high school under the International Baccalaureate (IB) program
  • 10 international students' last school attended was in the United States; 6 were here in CA
  • 7 students attended an internationally known boarding high school, including one perched in the Himalayas
  • 7 international students are recruited NCAA Div 1 athletes
  • 72% of students have held a significant leadership role in his/her school


Incoming class for Fall 2014 Global Perspective
Incoming International Students Fall 2014


Country of High Schools Attended by Freshman US citizens from Abroad: 25
Australia (1), Bolivia (1), Canada (1), China (4), Hong Kong(3), India (2), Indonesia (1), Israel (1), Italy (1), Japan (2), Philippines (2), Switzerland (1), Thailand (2), Ukraine (1), United Arab Emirates (1), United Kingdom (1)

Country of High Schools Attended by Freshman international students: 39
Canada (2), China (6), Denmark (1), France (1), Hong Kong (1), India (4), Indonesia (2), Japan (1), Philippines (3), Singapore (2), Spain (1), Sweden (1), Taiwan (1), United Kingdom (2), United States (10), Vietnam (1)

Transfer international students: 6 (not final until mid-June)
3 Indonesia
2 U.A.E
1 Mexico

*data is a snap shot of 6/05/2014 and is not official University census statistics



Posted 6/6/2014

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