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The Global Engagement Office runs photo contests throughout the academic year as one way of capturing the international experiences of SCU students. All SCU students participating in programs through SCU Study Abroad and all international students studying at SCU are invited to submit their photos to the appropriate contest for the term of their program.

Winter 2015 Photo Contests

Submission deadline: TBA


*When emailing in your photos for the contest, remember to sign and attach the Student Photo Release. By signing this release, you are giving SCU permission to use your photos in various media (such as on our web pages or in brochures, fliers, posters, newsletters, etc.), that promote international education at SCU. All photos (not just the contest winners) have the potential to be used in Global Engagement publications.


Fall 2014

SCU Study Abroad

it is always great to be a bronco
Broncos Abroad: Lauren Eng

International Student Services

Exploring Lake Tahoe
Bronco Experience: Kamal Shirore
Spring 2014

Glacier Trekking in Patagonia
Seasons: Elizabeth Sherwin

Entry to Heaven
Seasons: Ketan Rajput

SchoolUnderwater (1) (1)
 Research: Casey Clifford

we paint the colors of our lives
Research: Ketan Rajput
SCU Study Abroad    
Dublin, Ireland Spring 2014 Cambodia Spring 2014 Interlaken, Switzerland Spring 2014
Broncos Abroad: Erin Enea Culture: Noemi Desguin Landscapes: Kelsey Inch
International Student Services    
Solvang, CA Spring 2014 Stanford Campus Spring 2014 The Vista Point Spring 2014
Bronco Experience: Soomal Choudhary Culture: Adithi Athreya Landscapes: Chunheng Li
Fall 2013
SCU Study Abroad    
Broncos Abroad - Fall 2013 - Kiely Kreitzberg Culture - Fall 2013 - Jaclyn Gochoco Landscapes - Fall 2013 - Jenna Herzog
Broncos Abroad: Kiely Kreitzberg Culture: Jaclyn Gochoco Landscapes: Jenna Herzog
International Student Services    
Bronco Experience - Fall 2013 - Ani Meyer Culture - Fall 2013 - Eleni Dimitropoulou Landscapes - Fall 2013 - Abhi Pradhan Shrestha
Bronco Experience: Ani Meyer Culture: Eleni Dimitropoulou Landscapes: Abhi Pradhan Shrestha
Fall 2012/Spring 2013
SCU Study Abroad    
Study Abroad - Broncos Abroad - Nikita Agrawal - Fall 2012 Study Abroad - Culture - Cameron Canova - Fall 2012 Study Abroad - Landscapes - Nicholas Der - Fall 2012
Broncos Abroad: Nikita Agrawal Culture: Cameron Canova Landscapes: Nicholas Der
International Student Services    
ISS - Bronco Experience - Rico Mok ISS - Culture - Prinal Khandelwal ISS - Landscapes - Chunheng Li
Bronco Experience: Rico Mok Culture: Prinal Khandelwal Landscapes: Chunheng Li


Thank you for your submissions!


Photos submitted for SCU Study Abroad and International Student Services Photo Contests (Fall 2012/Spring 2013,Fall 2013, and Spring 2014 contests).