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Frequently Asked Questions

Business Practices
Can I blanket forward all message?

The restrictions on blanket forwarding all messages was implemented based on a recommendation from the Google Business PracticesAdvisory Committee to address concerns about allowing SCU employees to forward all mail from their SCU accounts to a personal account. With the move to Gmail, we are not able to separate the forwarding limitations for students and employees unless we place students in a separate domain(e.g., and there was extreme unhappiness among students about the possibility of changing their email address.

Can I share the details of my calendar with someone outside of the SCU domain?

 This practice of hiding the details with those outside of the SCU domain was based on a recommendation from the Google Business Practices Advisory Committee, which was concerned about people accidentally making public details of appointments (e.g., who a senior administrator was meeting). Calendars can be shared outside the domain but show only free/busy for entries.

Can I make Google documents public?

Documents in the domain cannot be made globally public. This practice was based on a recommendation from the Google Business Practices Advisory Committee, which was concerned about people unfamiliar with the Google Apps for Education environment inadvertently making public sensitive documents.

Can I add external members to my Google Group?

No, the SCU enterprise level Google Apps does not allow for the feature "Allow members external to this organization" to be turned on. Your Google Group can only have members with an address.

Other FAQs
What will happen to my GroupWise Archives?

Sometime after the Go Live date of Dec 17 the technical team will be addressing GroupWise(GW) archives.
   a. GroupWise will be left operational for read-only access to email and archives for multiple months after Go-Live to allow adequate time for retrieval/transfer of archives and items not migrated.
   b. If you select to move your GW archive to Google, the same pre-migration cleanup being applied to your online mailbox should be performed on your archive.
   c. After Go-Live (December 17), archives will be addressed. The community will be solicited to schedule a time with a project team member to take one of the following actions:
         i.      Abandon the archive
        ii.      Create a permanent copy of the archive outside of either Google or GroupWise in a searchable archival application.
       iii.      Migrate the archive to Google
                 1.  Within the constraints of Google limitations (quota, message size, attachment type limitations, etc.)
                 2.  Migration of the archive to Google should be carefully evaluated. It should be made after consideration of its impact on the label structure

Who is the external partner Santa Clara is using to assist with this conversion?

Our implementation partner is Cloud Sherpas (, a company that has helped dozens of organization migrate to online services. Cloud Sherpas was chosen by Google as their Partner of the Year for 2011.

When will I be trained how to use these new tools?

Timing of training sessions for new services is very important. There has to be enough time before someone actually uses the tools so they can fit training into their schedule, but not so far from that actual use that they forget what they learned. There will be in-class and online training resources available, focused initially on the critical email, calendar and contact functions. Check the "Training" section of this site for details as we get closer to the actual implementation.

Will I have the same email address that I had in GroupWise?

Everyone will have an account in the domain.  However, for a number of architectural and management reasons, subdomains will be created and your specific account may be in one of these subdomains depending upon which group of the SCU community you fall into.   Tentatively, the following domains/subdomains are being considered:

  • faculty, staff, and students in the top level domain:
  • alumni in the alumni subdomain:
  • contractors, etc. in the affiliate subdomain:

Account names, at least initially, will be  the same as they were under Novell/Groupwise,  ie. typically based on first initial and last name, with some variation when naming conflicts occur.

How much storage space will I have in Google?

Your new Google account should have the following storage space allocations:

  • 25 Gbytes of mail storage
  • 5 Gbytes of storage for NON-Google documents (eg. native word. excell, etc.)
  • No limit on Google documents
How do I find my nearest Google Guide?

To help you find your nearest Google Guide, go to our Google Guide map. Search by Department or Location.

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