Santa Clara University

University Governance

University Coordinating Committee 


The purpose of the University Coordinating Committee (UCC) is to make governance more efficient, effective, and responsive.


The University Coordinating Committee's charge is twofold:

1. To coordinate the work of the University Policy Committees and

a. to develop and maintain information on faculty and staff regarding their expressions of experience, expertise, interest, and sensitivities on the range of issues considered by the various UPCs.

b. to appoint members of the UPCs on the basis of (i) the information so collected and maintained and (ii) continuing consultation with all segments of the campus, especially with the Faculty Senate Council, the Staff Assembly Council, the ASSCU, and the various graduate student associations.

c. to be aware of the work of the various UPCs, and to insure that the communication between the UPCs and the University community is regular and systematic.

d. to assess the issues that may be brought to its attention by any member of the campus community and to assign important policy issues to an appropriate UPC or to a joint task force bridging more than one UPC.

2. To guarantee appropriate consultation and efficiency in the overall process of University governance and

a. to maintain regular and systematic contact with the Faculty Senate Council, the Staff Assembly Council, the Associated Students, and the various graduate student associations, and, based on the input received from these bodies, to allocate to the respective UPCs various initiatives, proposals, concerns, etc. not already under active consideration by a UPC.

b. to ensure that effective communication between the UPCs and the campus community systematically occurs at the critical decision points of the definition of the problem, the formulation of tentative solutions, and the review of final recommendations.

c. to establish needed ad hoc committees and/or task forces, and to establish specific terms for the completion of the work of these bodies.

d. to appoint members to major University committees in addition to the UPCs, monitor their effectiveness, and dissolve those no longer needed.

e. to receive and preserve annual summary reports of the activities of UPCs and other University committees.

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