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University Governance

Grievance Committees


Except as provided in the Faculty Handbook, any member of the faculty has a right to submit a grievance to the appropriate grievance committee in any matter relating to his or her status or work in the University. 


Arts and Humanities
Marilyn Edelstein, English 2015
Yahia Mahamdi, Communication 2016
Thomas Turley, History 2016
Juliana Chang, English 2017
Robert Senekewicz, History 2017

Natural Sciences and Social Sciences
Angel Islas, Biology 2015
Steven Suljak, Chemistry and Biochemistry 2015
Richard Scott, Mathematics and Computer Science 2016

Edward Schaefer, Mathematics and Computer Science 2017
Betty Young, Physics 2017

James Hall, Management 2015
Hersh Shefrin, Finance 2016
Sanjiv Das, Finance 2016
John Heineke, Economics 2017
Susan Parker, Accounting 2017

Edwin Maurer, Civil Engineering 2015
Christopher Kitts, Mechanical Engineering 2016
Sukhmander Singh, Civil Engineering 2016
Reynaud Serrette, Civil Engineering 2017
Weijia Shang, Computer Engineering 2017

Tyler Ochoa 2015
Philip Jimenez 2016
Eric Wright 2016
Patricia Cain 2017
Kathleen Ridolfi 2017

Education and Counseling Psychology
Dale Larson, At-Large 2013
Jeffrey Baerwald, S.J., Counseling Psychology 2015
Education:  No available candidate

Jesuit School of Theology Faculty Status Committee
Kevin Burke, S.J.
Lisa Fullam
George Griener, S.J.

The Schools of Business, Engineering, and Law shall each have one Grievance Committee. The College of Arts & Sciences shall have two: one for the departments offering the Bachelor or Arts degree and one from the departments offering the Bachelor of Science degree. Each committee shall consist of five tenured members of its respective constituency who shall be elected by the entire faculty in that constituency. The term of office is three calendar years and shall be staggered to ensure continuity. No member shall serve two consecutive terms, except that a member hearing a pending grievance shall continue to hear and participate in the resolution of that grievance.


Minutes are not available.
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