Santa Clara University

University Governance

Staff Affairs University Policy Committee


The Staff Affairs Committee works with the Vice President for Administration and Finance to promote staff development and to improve the quality of service and support provided. In this capacity, it serves as the final locus of dialogue in the formulation, review, and recommendation of policies and initiatives pertaining to the responsibilities, rights, and compensation of non-union staff members.

The Staff Affairs Committee makes its recommendations to the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

The chairs and vice-chairs of the UPCs and Research Committee are selected from among the members of each committee. Normally the vice-chair will be appointed chair in the succeeding year. The chair usually performs the typical duties of scheduling, setting the agenda, and presiding at committee meetings. The vice-chair usually takes notes and ensures that they are transmitted to the administrative assistant for Governance who will post them on the committee's Web page.


1. Initiate, review, and/or recommend policies affecting the rights and responsibilities of all non-union staff.
2. Initiate, review, and/or recommend proposals, University initiatives, and programs for staff development.
3. Review and recommend changes to the salary grade classification system and other compensation policies, to ensure that they promote staff achievement and reflect sound personnel-practice.
4. Initiate, review and recommend changes to the Staff Policy Manual.
5. Collaborate with the Faculty Affairs Committee on issues, policies, guidelines, and programs that affect all University personnel.
6. Ensure the appropriate consultation with staff, faculty, and students in the Committee's deliberations.
7. Monitor and invite feedback on the effectiveness of staff policies and strategic initiatives.
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