Santa Clara University

LEAD Scholars Program

Family Engagement

Congratulations to your students on their admission!

Congratulations to you on all of the support that you have provided your students as they have pursued their college education. We know how important family support was in getting your child here, and how important it will be in his or her college success. The LEAD Scholars Program encourages you continue to be active participants in your children’s lives as they attend college. We offer programming directed to parents and other family members at New Student Orientation and Family Weekend to help you learn more about the college experience, how to support your child and about SCU in general. When possible, we also try to offer programs in multiple languages to encourage the involvement of family member who may be more comfortable speaking languages other than English.

We also hope that you will check out the information on this site about your child’s college life in English, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese.

LEAD Family Programs at New Student Orientation

LEAD Scholars are asked to attend New Student Orientation session 3 or session 4. During these sessions we offer programming for LEAD Scholars and their families. Families are invited to a dinner where we will provide some information about the LEAD Scholars Program and college life.  Please click here for more information on New Student Orientation or for more information about the LEAD Scholars programming during New Student Orientation.

LEAD Family Programs at Family Weekend

In February, the Office of Development offers Family Weekend, a time for parents and other family members to visit or revisit the campus. This program offers activities for parents of all four years of students. You can attend class lectures with some of the university’s best faculty, SCU sporting events or the Senior Dinner (limited to seniors and their families). The LEAD Scholars Program offers a session to provide information about LEAD Scholars Program and your children’s college experiences. The Office of Development and the LEAD Scholars Program is also happy to offer complementary registration to the families of LEAD Scholars. Please look out for an invitation in later December. Please click here for more information about Family Weekend

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