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Great Ideas...Alliances and Networking
  • Hospice Alliance for Directors: West Piedmont
    Three directors/managers meet on a monthly basis from 3 different counties. Representing small rural hospices, the directors share ideas, discuss regulatory concerns, organize networking sessions for staff and advocate the good news of hospice to the three community/counties represented. All non-profit hospices and represent Martinsville Henry Co., Franklin Co. and Patrick County. Hospice of Memorial Hospital, Martinsville & Henry Co., Virginia

  • Symptom Management Team
    We are a hospital-based agency so we developed a Symptom Management Team which can be consulted by any hospital physician for advice in pain and symptom management, family counseling, and even bereavement regardless of whether or not the hospital patient even intended to come on board with hospice. It expands the role of the hospice team, is good marketing, and ultimately helps people. Mercy Hospice, Scranton, Pennsylvania
  • Collaborative Volunteer Training
    In Portland Oregon area, there are ten hospice programs. Six of those programs train their volunteers together. We have done this for several years, three training programs per year. Each training is thirty-two hours long. Each program can send a maximum of 15 volunteers per training. Results are great: Cost per program is $200 per training; extremely highly qualified trainers. (Draw on the best doctors, nurses, MSW, etc. from each program or health care system). Volunteer coordinators share responsibility. Providence Home Services Hospice, Portland, Oregon
  • Cooperating with our Competition
    Meet with leaders from "competitive" hospices in community regularly (monthly).
    --commit to "wipe out rumor" efforts
    --commit to always refer questions about competitor back to   competitor
    --commit to learning what you have in common
    --commit to pursue a common goal periodically e.g. 1) share press release National Hospice Month 2) seeking support funds such as Ryan White funds.Pikes Peak Hospice, Colorado Spring, Colorado

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