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Great Ideas...Community Education

  • Annual Cancer Conference
    Hospice, a local hospital jointly sponsor a half-day program for physicians and nurses and others on cancer treatment developments and cancer pain management. Having an expert hospice pain management presenter reinforces hospice values and expertise to physicians and the rest of medical community. Our first conference was at the local Golf Country Club and had a drug company pick up costs for any MD's who wanted to follow breakfast/conference with time on the golf course. We are a rural area and MD's appreciated being able to get CMES right in their own home towns. Hospice of South West Virginia, Wytheville, Virginia

    What is Hospice? Pamphlet
    Pamphlet explaining hospice program:H ome  O ptions  S pecialized  P ersonable  I ndividualized C are for  E nd-of-life issues/care Pamphlet for MD offices throughout the area. LVNA Hospice, Portland, Oregon

  • In-Service for School System
    Offer in-service training for educators and counselors in local school systems on bereavement and on how to support/facilitate discussion in the classroom about death and dying. Functions as a preventative service and as a healing intervention. Presenters: social worker, and the chaplain and other qualified professionals can help. Carilion Hospice, New River Valley, Virginia

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  • Clergy Day
    Our plan is to begin and annual "day" and invite local clergy in for a day of education, networking, meet the team, lunch to increase awareness, and to assist in referral process. During pastoral care week is a good time. Crater Community Hospice, Colonial Heights, Virginia
  • Courses for Credit
    Developing and offering credit courses on end-of-life issues: Develop courses to be taught at local university and community college. Students get credit and hospice gets the word out. Example: "Defining another stage of life." Suggest health care workers take as lectures. Available to the public. Hospice Choice, Norton, Virginia

  • Que Es Hospice?
    Reaching out to the Community, trying to reach the minority groups in the community: a) Bereavement groups lead in Spanish, as there is a high Hispanic census, b) Radio and television Spanish presentations on Community Hospice awareness, c)  Presentations at the Church and the University. Spohn Hospice, Corpus Christi, Texas

  • Monthly Newsletter with a "Hospice Story"
    Our Hospice has a monthly newsletter. It was originally written to provide information to our volunteers. It has gradually grown to provide information and education, not only to our volunteers, but to our community. Each newsletter contains a "Hospice Story' from a member of the Hospice Volunteer Team. We are careful not to break patient/family confidentiality in the process of telling our stories. The stories help our community of physicians, nurses, discharge planners, etc., to understand what we do at Hospice and have really helped our Hospice with community education. Red River Hospice, Natchitoches, Louisiana

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  • Senior Housing
    Reached into the senior housing with a Health Faire. This grew into a wellness program for the middle to low income. An adult day care program became a benefit to residents. Allowing aging in place we then became certified for assisted living which increased our revenue. We are now in seven housing units. It all began as a volunteer attempt to serve our community. Center for Hope Hospice, Linden, New Jersey

  • Joining Hands to Reclaim the Spirit of Life
    Educational in-service to area clergy and/or lay ministers. Half -day overview of hospice and all areas of team: spirituality; why hospice?; why now? VNA Hospice, Evansville, Indiana

  • Affirming Life Series
    Lecture offered monthly to the community emphasizing techniques to improve the quality of life. Hospice personnel offer talks on: "Healing Through Art"; "Therapeutic Touch For Health"; "Spirituality and Loss"; "Finding meaning in the Holidays after Loss." Emphasis not so much on death and dying just on philosophy of affirming life. Carondelet Hospice Services, Tucson, Arizona

  • Hospice In Lights
    An educational, promotional; community builder. A Christmas tree with memory of a lost one is presented. The home is a bed and breakfast inn which has been decorated by individuals in the community with Christmas cheer. Mendocino Coast District Hospital-Hospice, Fort Bragg, California

  • Knowing My Neighbor Manual
    The first part was based on an Kansas hospice model idea to present views in the community regarding death, pain, diet etc. However, our great idea added cultural aspects of care at this time. It was very helpful to the community and caregivers.   Hospice of Pioneer Valley, Springfield, Massachusetts

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