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Great Ideas...Fundraising
  • Fundraiser Ideas
    This site has lots of ideas for fundraising in a wide variety of organizations, many of which could be used by hospice and palliative care programs. I like the Taste of the Town fundraiser and lots of other good ideas on this site.
  • Hospice Family BBQ and Auction
    Lions donate and cook salmon dinner. Businesses sponsor and donate items. Families encouraged to come. Children's activities offered with babysitting by high school cheerleaders. Kids (teenagers) volunteer help with whole night's activities. Hospice and hospital staff make a quilt. There are raffles and oral and silent auctions. CPA firm takes care of $ and registration. Lions auxiliary serves food. Sponsors get free advertising. Lower Columbia Hospice, Astoria, Oregon

  • Yearly Marathon
    Each year staff members volunteer to be on a marathon team for the Hood to Coast Run/Walk. Some walk/run longer, more vigorous parts; others just provide van support. One person drives to the coast and rents a house with a hot tub and everyone gets to end there [Note: This is the first mention of a hot tub in the Great Ideas. D. L. ].

  • Goldfish Race Fundraising Activity
    A fun fundraising activity we recently had was a goldfish race. Two 10-foot long rain gutters are placed side by side. Caps are glued to each end so that they will hold water. A goldfish is placed in each gutter and is held at the end by a removable gutter-shaped gate. Two children are given 1 straw each and are instructed to blow behind the fish and into the water to encourage the fish to swim to the other end of the gutter. The winner gets to keep his/her fish. Can charge $1 per entry or thereabouts. Walla Walla Community Hospice, Walla Walla, Washington

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  • Concert
    Fundraising concert with two bands, one a hospice nurse's group, the second a volunteer's group.  Curry Country Home Health Hospices, Gold Beach, Oregon

  • Quilt Auction
    We recruit donations of new or heirloom quilts which are auctioned at our annual Christmas Tree Auction. They go extremely well. Pioneer Memorial Hospice, Pineville, Oregon

  • Road Rally Poker Hand
    Attracts classic car owners and others. Charge $60 or more registration. Registrants pick up clues to the route where they pick up one card from a deck of cards. Box lunches are provided at the end while all cars return. The best poker hand wins grand prize, which in our case has been a set of donated tires. Other trophies and prizes are also awarded. It's lots of fun. Be creative with the clues. Hospice of the Gorge, Hood River, Oregon
  • Dining Around the Area
    This has become the #1 fundraiser for Hospice of the Piedmont in Charlottesville. The best (no exceptions) restaurants in the area (36 this year) are enlisted to provide a free entr‚e when one of equal or greater value is purchased. Booklets, containing one coupon per restaurant, are purchased by mail, telephone, or at our offices. 100% of proceeds, after printing and advertising expenses, benefit our program. For help in starting your own dining fundraiser, contact Tal Haynes, 1-800-975-5501 or FAX 804/975-4040. Hospice of the Piedmont, Charlottesville, Virginia.

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  • Hospice Regatta Weekend
    Sailboats in this Regatta are wooden, 20 years or older. We have a dinner the night of the first race and sail on the "Miss Anne" from the Tides Inn Resort. This year we will also have a ball to start the weekend. We made $7,000+ last year and hope to make more this year with more sponsors. We do this not only for this money but to get the community involved. Hospice Support Services of Northern Neck, Warsaw, Virginia

  • Hospice Hustle
    The Hospice Hustle is an annual walk-a-thon in the fall to help raise awareness and funds for our program. It works just like most walk-a-thons in that the walkers get sponsors for walking 5 miles and the businesses give prizes for top collectors. Everyone walks at their own pace and we have refreshments and fellowship at the Hospice office afterwards. Rockbridge Area Hospice, Lexington, Virginia

  • Hospice Tree of Lights
    At Christmas families in the community pay $10 for a light that represents their lost loved one. The staff and families gather as a community outside and sing hymns, and the tree is lit-all the lights come on at once and it is beautiful. The lights on the Christmas tree are white. The community does this outside of the office at night. The tree stays lit until the New Year. Luminaries line the parking lot where people are sitting or standing. Families and staff find this very meaningful. People gather afterwards in the office or a church for cider and cookies. Hospice of the Piedmont, Charlottesville, Virginia

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  • Mayor's Beans and Cornbread Lunch
    Yearly, Lubbock mayor and mayors of several small towns around Lubbock "host" lunch put on by Hospice of Lubbock to benefit Hospice of Lubbock. It is great community support at $10 a ticket, great entertainment---"for beans"! Hospice of Lubbock, Lubbock, Texas

  • Homecoming
    We held a 20th Anniversary and reunion--a homecoming for past or former workers--hoping to facilitate recruitment of veterans. This also served as a memorial service, and a fund raiser for our foundation. Clarian Home Health and Hospice, Methodist Division, Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Dinner Theater
    Collaborate with a local community theater to have opening night of a great play at a location where you can have a catered dinner. Sell tickets at inflated prices to cover the cost of the dinner and make a profit on the fund raiser. Hospice Community Care, Rock Hill, South Carolina
  • Hoots, Boots, Spurs
    A day at a working ranch with a BBQ, tour of the ranch, live entertainment and an auction. This is an annual event. Hospice of the Treasure Coast, Inc., Ft. Pierce, Florida

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  • Tree Lighting
    Family members purchase lights for a holiday tree (white = $5, green= $10, and red= $20). The tree is lit during the Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. Hospice of Central Connecticut, Plainville, Connecticut

  • Hospice Tree of Life Ceremony
    We held a 20th Anniversary and reunion--a homecoming for past or former workers--hoping to facilitate recruitment of veterans. This also served as a memorial service, and a fund raiser for our foundation. Clarian Home Health and Hospice,  Methodist Division, Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Angel Tree
    Each year as the Christmas Holiday approaches, our hospice sells lace angel ornaments which people can buy in memory of or in honor of anyone they choose. Those ornaments are then placed in Christmas trees at our office until a few days before Christmas. We then have an Open House in which people can come and take their angels off the trees. It is a good time of sharing with the community as they gather together during the Open House. Refreshments are served. Hospice of East Alabama, Anniston, Alabama
  • Bachelor Auction
    We host a Bachelor Auction attracting 500 women bidding on 35 bachelors who each come with a date package. The women attend the even on a weekday evening, with refreshments and drinks. Some celebrity bachelors are recruited. We raise $15,000. Niagara Hospice, Lockport, New York

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  • Breakfast With The Easter Bunny
    This is a fun fundraiser, which includes lots of costumed characters, polaroid photos for $3, sale of flowers and spring plants. Tickers are $10 and attendance is usually 300-400. Joliet Area Community Hospice, Joliet, Illinois (Dr. Dale Larson's hometown!)

  • Dine Out for Hospice
    Area restaurants contribute 15% of sales for one night during National Hospice Month. Hospice of Holland, Holland, Michigan

  • Grants
    Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has $25,000 grants available to be given to hospice groups who wish to expand volunteer programs. Funds are to be expended over a 3-year period. Hope Hospice, Inc. Rile Lake, Wisconsin

  • Introduction to the Bulk Mail Person
    Introduce yourself (in person) to the Post Office Bulk Mail person. Ask if they would donate samples they cannot deliver. I use these for staff, patients, and to recognize volunteers. If we cannot use it all we call other charities to pick-up unused portions. You will receive pampers, shampoo, Dove lotion soap with sponge, medicine, etc. Hospice of Davidson County,

  • Bring a Book
    Register books at local bookstores for memorial gifts to be donated to Hospice library. Alive Hospice, Nashville, Tennessee

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  • Light Up A Life
    Hospice of Napa Valley celebrates Christmas in the community by decorating the local shopping mall in Napa with Christmas trees which have been sponsored by local businesses. This not only makes the entire shopping center festive but it raises substantial funds for Hospice. The 1989 Light Up A Life holiday benefit exceeded all expectations as an annual fundraiser for Hospice. Over 500 individual donors and 10 corporate (Starlight) sponsors contributed a total of $21,144.Each business sponsored a professionally decorated tree in a Town Center storefront display. The trees and decorations were donated by S. Claus. On December 10th a tree lighting ceremony was held which was attended by 350 persons. The evening included music,  inspiration and the dramatic lighting of a 22-foot holiday tree. Bulbs on the tree signified gifts to Hospice that were dedicated as memorials or tributes to loved ones and friends. Members of the local Napa High School Chamber Choir offered musical inspiration during the tree lighting ceremony and Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School Choir also sang and paid tribute to one of their young student who had died. The students of Robert Louis Stevenson all contributed to the sponsorship of the star on top of the tree. Refreshments were prepared and served by Hospice volunteers. This, in our opinion, was a very memorable occasion and heightened the community awareness of Hospice, Hospice of Napa Valley, Deer Park, California

  • Hospice Festival
    Attracted a crowd of 10,000. Fifty-one entrants from California and surrounding states participated, with coverage from four TV-stations, six radio station and one national TV announcement. Activities included a live band, and booths included sales of T-shirts, chili tasting kits, Chili Cook-Off Buttons, food, and drinks. A hospice information booth disseminated general information to the public relative to the services and philosophies of hospice. Community support was demonstrated thru sponsorship by fifty local businesses as well as community volunteer support. In addition to fundraising, this event affords a terrific opportunity for hospice volunteers, staff, and board members to work together in a relaxed atmosphere and affords a fun-filled day for all involved. Hospice Care of Sacramento, Sacramento, California
  • Cook Books For Sale
    In 1985 our first cook book, "Hospice Hospitality" was published with great success. Three printings were ordered and each was sold out. Subsequently, "Hospice Hospitality II" was published, and has been very well received. Each of our volunteers and survivors was sent a letter asking them to submit four favorite recipes and they responded enthusiastically with many wonderful recipes! A cook book committee of 10-14 volun- teers dedicated many hours of work to compile these recipes and prepare the book for publishing and printing--but their efforts paid off many fold. -In addition, we had a contest for creating the title, for designing the cover, and for selling the most copies. Our plan is to publish a new edition every three years. As new volunteers and survivors come into the program, new recipes will be submitted. We have found that Hospice of Yuma has some excellent cooks as well as capable, caring volunteers! Hospice of Yuma, Yuma, Arizona

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  • Cookbook Designed by Volunteers
    Each submits a "southern recipe" along with a personal volunteer story or anecdote (perhaps a picture). Alive Hospice,Columbia, Tennessee

  • Avon Gift Baskets
    United Way had received a truckload of Avon products through gifts-in-kind. All United Way agencies are eligible to receive this. We are making gift baskets for the care-giver as a recognition of his/her effort. These may include toiletries, jewelry, etc. Hospice of Tift Area, Tifton, Georgia

  • Grants Come from Relationships, NOT from Proposals!
    When someone in your hospice thinks about seeking grants, members of the Board of Trustees and other volunteers can help. Board members and other volunteers make superb advocates for a hospice. Volunteers always care about the organization, often have a full understanding of all the needs of the organization, and frequently are well-connected in a community. However, they don't always know how to put these things together. We recognized that it is very difficulty to respond to the open-ended question, "Who do you know that might be interested in making a grant? However, it is very easy for volunteers to look at a list of foundation trustees and say, "Oh, I know so-and-so and so-and-so. I'd be happy to speak to my friend or acquaintance on our behalf." To address this situation, we have developed a process we call a grants audit, which involves the use of outside fund-raising counsel. Our consultant interviews staff and volunteers to ascertain what planned activities or organizational needs might be appropriate for external funding. Then counsel prepares a list of possible projects, in order of ease of securing funding, in terms of attractiveness to funders. Counsel also identifies appropriate prospective funding sources. Staff reviews this information, meets to determine the priority of importance among possible projects, and makes plans tosecure funding for the first project selected. At this point, counsel prepares a list of people associated with the prospective funding source: trustees, family members, or paid staff. This is where the volunteer's role is critical!!Volunteers and Board members are asked to review this list, and identify people they know. Counsel prepares a concept paper describing the project, which may be submitted preliminary to the first conversation. Then the volunteer begins his or her dialogue with the representative of the funding source. Initiated by a conversation between people who know and trust one another, great grants develop. Hospice of the Western Reserve, Cleveland, Ohio

  • Volunteer Fall Festival
    We have a Dunking Booth manned by Physicians Only!! Our two Medical directors will be participants and we have five other physicians who have referred to our Hospice Program this past year, 1989. The enthusiasm for this event is great. Try it!   Hospice of Marstall County, Guntersville, Alabama

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  • Annual Iowa City Hospice Road Races
    Volunteers are an integral part of our Hospice program in so many vital ways. Our great idea focuses on one of them: the role of the volunteer in our major fund raising event. The parent of the present ICHRR began in the fall of 1982 with 300 people running the SK and 10K course. Businesses underwrote the expenses of the race, about 6 volunteers participated and $1300 was received from registration fees. In January 1984, plans began for the first ICHRR which was held that fall. In 1989 there were 620 community volunteer workers, 3,000 entrants and $81,000 was raised before collection shrinkage. In 1990 the goals/expectations are for 4,900 entrants and over $100,000 to be raised. Funds come from runner registrations, pledges and business support. The primary purpose of the ICHRR is to raise money for Hospice and 39 other Johnson. County United Way Agencies. Many other benefits come from the event such as the community working together to support its non-profit organizations, the establishment of friendships, families involved together in a worthwhile cause. Briefly how does it work? There is an overall race director, then three divisions each with a volunteer director and coordinators for the various parts under each division. The divisions are (1) ADMINISTRATION which includes registration, refreshments, an art director, awards, volunteers; (2) RACE OPERATIONS including aid stations, layout of the courses, equipment, finish line, traffic ; and (3) PUBLIC RELATIONS including performers (course Hoopla), posters, flyers, media, signs, race announcer. The use of the computer has been a great gift for record keeping etc. The Road Races has become an international event which attracts runners from across our country and some from overseas. It is the largest non-profit event, as such, in the U.S. Participants receive T-shirt, spaghetti dinner at a nominal charge, post-race refreshments, live music along the course, as well as awards for the winners. Local artists contribute many of the awards. There are also prizes for the top fund raisers. The race course is predominately within the city limits of Iowa City and is mostly flat with a few small grades. There are aid stations every mile and medical services on the course as well as the start/finish line. 5K, 10K and half-marathon are TAC sanctioned and certified. There is also a 1 mile Teen to Tot Trot and a handicap race. Major sponsors are Hawkeye Medical Supply, The University of Iowa Men's Intercollegiate Athletics, National Computer Systems, Iowa State Bank and Trust, Iowa City Press Citizen, Holiday Inn and KCRG-TV channel 9. There is something for everyone in the Iowa City Hospice road races. It is truly a family affair. Iowa City Hospice, Iowa City, Iowa

  • Dinner and Fashion Show
    Last year, Northwest Bergen Hospice held it's first Dinner and Fashion Show, as a fund raiser to celebrate it's 10th anniversary. Our volunteers were asked to help solicit ads for the Ad Journal and to ask merchants to contribute raffle prizes. With the proceeds - over $12,00.00 - we were able to begin a children's bereavement program entitled "Journey's".Working with our art therapist, children are encouraged to explore their feelings, and express their grief. Since Journeys was started eight months ago, over 30 children have participated in the program. This fund raiser further promoted volunteer networking, and enabled all involved to celebrate the spirit of Hospice. Northwest Bergen, Ridged, New Jersey

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  • Casino Night
    Location: Country Club, large restaurant, etc. Price of tickets include dinner, free chips and chance for a grand prize. Evening includes games (overseen by a gaming company, prizes, dinner, live music, no-host bar. All proceeds go to hospice which includes all spent on the gaming tables. Doctors love to be dealers and are taught to run the blackjack tables. All prizes are donated. Revenues from the event are normally $50,000. Expenses run approx. $13,000. Net income for the event $37,000. Home Hospice, Saint Joseph Medical Center, Burbank, California

  • A Boost To Memorial Donations
    Hospice of Acadiana was having a problem with the local funeral homes leaving out "memorial donations to HOA" in the obituary since many local homes had their own floral shop and felt that it could be a conflict by saying "in lieu of flowers". We wanted to encourage the families to word it more effectively to the funeral homes so we developed a Memorial Card with the wording not saying "In lieu..." Each family is given one of these cards in the initial packet of information for them to review at their own pace. Since the development of this card, our memorials have been regularly printed in obituaries when the families have signed it. It's less bothersome for our families; it can be signed earlier and attached with the death certificate. We have seen an increase of 20% in our memorial donations since the development of this card. Hospice of Acadiana, Lafayette, Louisiana

  • An Annual Poinsettia Sale at the Mall
    This is the fifth year we will be selling poinsettia plants at San Antonio's largest and most frequented mall. The sale extends from the day after Thanksgiving until few days before Christmas Hospice San Antonio volunteers, board members, community volunteers and corporate volunteer groups man the poinsettia sale booth during mall hours in three, four-hour shifts. The poinsettia plants are displayed on a wooden shaped poinsettia tree at a prominent location in the mall. The volunteers are provided with instructions before the sale and an instruction notebook is available at the booth. Hospice program information is also available to visitors at the mall. The Hospice poinsettia plants-sell for $10.00 each. Orders of ten or more plants are  delivered free of charge to one location. Last year Hospice San Antonio sold approximately 2,000 plants and netted over $12,000.00 Not only is this a very profitable means of raising money, it is a wonderful way of bringing people together, working for a good cause, and promoting the Hospice image and purpose to the community Hospice San Antonio. San Antonio, Texas

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  • Card Bank Delights Donors
    Board members at a nonprofit realize that some people wait until the last minute to buy gifts for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or holidays. So they created the perfect last-minute gift. a donation to their nonprofit. For $10, donors arrange for the nonprofit to send a four-color card that tells the recipient a donation has been made in his or her honor. For $100, donors can ask that ten cards be sent. The non-profit "banks" the $100 donor's check, sends cards when indicated and   tracks what's left in the donor's account. After eight cards have been made, the donor is notified that it's time to make another deposit! The board development committee recently introduced the cards to the full board. Ten board members have already "banked" $100 each! Board members promote the cards to friends and at a grand opening of a new building. Hospice Care of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • Goat Insurance
    Volunteers and Board Members hold a "goat insurance" fund raiser that people can't resist because they can't stop laughing. Flyers are mailed to civic groups to announce that the Hospice will raffle off a donated goat. For $10, a person can send in the names of three people. Letters are then sent to those three people, telling them they have a chance to win a goat. But, for $10 they can buy "goat insurance" to protect themselves from being entered in the raffle. The winner of the raffle does get the goat,  but after the fun wears off, the goat's returned to its owner. Possible revenue: $2,000 Hospice Care of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • Bar Bucks
    St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, The Fourth of July, Halloween provide good opportunities to try this event aimed at the working class donors. "Bar Bucks" are printed to resemble dollar bills but with a shamrock, heart or firecracker in the middle. Board and staff members ask bar owners to sell the Bar Bucks for $1.00 to $5.00 each. The Bar Bucks with the donors names handwritten on them are then hung on the bar walls for a month, giving free advertising for the non-profit as well. Donated t-shirts, dinners and sports events tickets went to bartenders who sold the most bucks. Possible revenue: $5,000

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  • Hospice Hundred Club
    Board members ask four friends to join their giving club, "Hospice Hundred". When members join they give at least $100 to $1,000 annually and agree to provide names of friends to contact. Hospice Hundred members sign solicitation letters to recruit more members. Think of it: 100 members equals $10,000. Hospice Care of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • Cow Pie Fundraiser
    Experience the "sweet smell of success" while hosting a cow pie fundraiser during a country fair or rodeo event. A cow is turned loose on a fenced-in area which has been marked off in 500 three-foot, numbered squares. The crowds wait for the cow to make the first "deposit" on one of the squares. Chances on each square sold for $5. The winner receives $500. A line judge is required for close calls. Hint: The animal is well-fed on the day of the event, so it only takes minutes for a "deposit".  Give Board members and volunteers 20 tickets to sell in advance and have them sell on opening day of the rodeo or country fair. Possible revenue: $1200. Hospice Care of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

  • Valentine For Hospice
    Send a valentine for a $5.00 donation to your Hospice. Victorian valentines were mailed to the recipient stating who the valentine was from and that a donation had been given to Hospice. Also, enclosed is a small white card with red writing explaining what Hospice is. The more affluent areas loved this project. Volunteers are needed for this 5-6 week project. Possible revenue: $1,600 Hospice Care of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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  • Light Up a Life
    Hospice of Wichita Falls invites You to Light Up a Life at Christmas. A ten dollar ($10) donation will light one light on the Hospice Holiday Tree located inside Sikes Senter Mall and a larger one atop Southwest Building. The beautiful tree atop the ten-story building acts as a glowing beacon to all parts of the city as a reminder not only of the holy Season but as Hospice lighting up so many lives. The Tree Lighting Ceremony to kick off the annual event is set for aMonday in early December at 7:00 p.m. All the local media (television, radio, newspaper, etc.) have been contacted and usually are present, as well as a Band, Carol Singers, a Church Choir or other appropriate entertainment. A goal is set each year (it's currently $30,000) and when this goal (hopefully!) is reached the big, beautiful Star on top the tree is lighted usually a couple of days before Christmas and it indeed seems to make everyone's heart shine too. It especially does that to the Hospice Volunteers as they have put many hours of time, into achieving this goal. They help to organize all of the preliminary plans prior to setting up the trees, contacting the media and actually speaking on radio/TV to acquaint the public with Hospice and the purpose of the tree. In fact, one whole day on a popular radio station is donated to Hospice, and the Staff, Volunteers, and even some of the family members of former or current Hospice patients are invited to speak of their feelings about Hospice. Letters received from grateful families are also read if they've given their permission arid these can really be heartwarming and touching. Volunteers also man a desk near the tree in the shopping mall during the mall hours accepting donations and distributing information about  Hospice and/or answering questions. This is a giant task to coordinate all of the volunteer times and schedules, but again a volunteer calling team helps to make it work. This fund-raising project really works for us, but it would not be nearly as successful without so many hearts, hands and hours of volunteers. Hospice of Wichita Falls, Wichita FalIs, Texas

  • Holiday Basket
    Large baskets are filled with fruit, cheese, beef sausage, homemade pumpkin bread (our speciality), crackers, candy, and many goodies which are varied from year to year. Our marketing targets are businesses to use as gifts to employees and customers; physicians to send to colleagues and professional associates; and individuals for personal use and as gifts. We use one-half-bushel market baskets (This year we are using red ones), wrapped in cello paper and tied with a ribbon. This makes a very welcomed and attractive gift. These Holiday Baskets are delivered a week before Christmas, and all preparation is done by volunteers. Last year we had over 100 people involved. This project is rewarding because it provides good publicity for our Hospice, and the response is excellent because of its value and appearance. In addition, it generates substantial proceeds. The undertaking requires much preliminary planning, extensive volunteer involvement, wide publicity, and large facility for the baskets. Our sale goal is 1,000 baskets each year at $25.00 each, and the majority of the purchases are by repeat customers. Baptist HomeCare/Hospice Division, Knoxville, Tennessee

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  • Light-Up-A-Life
    At Christmas we utilize a three-level shopping center provided by to owner. He also supplies the large Xmas tree in the center and many lights. Chairs on all levels facing center. Invitations are sent to families we have served and general public with a card for donation to light a bulb for a loved one. Music is provided ( youth choir etc.) Talks by our chaplain, myself and executive director. Candy and cookies given out. Santa Claus for children. Anonymous

  • Plant A Memory
    Scheduled for the month of May - Target May Day. The solicit donations for the purchase of "live" plants to deliver to all patients in our hospice program. It is a real mood lifter and the excess goes into a fund for indigent patients. Incarnate Word Hospice, St. Louis, Missouri

  • Dinner Theater
    My idea is for a fundraiser. We are planning a Dinner Theater. We are working with a Minnesota based company - "Playing On Purpose". They offer several plays with a message - one is for hospice. On a Saturday we're going to have a matinee session and evening production. At both we will serve a dinner buffet, have the Hospice play "The Good Death", a dessert buffet, and wrap up with a musical/comedy "Women Through the Ages". We're having the event at a local hotel/convention center. We will ask sponsors to help by funding part of the meal plus will have a silent auction. We will charge $20 for matinee and $27 for evening show which includes the meal and play. North Country Hospice, Bemidji, Minnesota

    Bricks In The Garden Wall
    Funds raised by "Donations in Lieu of Flowers" Buy bricks on the rose garden walk name of deceased. Evergreen Hospice,
    Kirkland, Washington

  • Balloon Brunch
    A "balloon launch" as a memorial and fund raiser Hospice of the Central Peninsula, Kenai, Alaska

  • Calf Auction
    One area cattle raises donates price of calf for sale at local cattle auction. This calf is auction piece by piece and then wholecalf is sold. The auction does the calf's shadow-tail, nose, ears, etc. Possible $2,000. Arkansas Valley Hospice, La Junta, Colorado

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  • Restaurant Opening Day Fundraiser
    New restaurants opening in the area donate proceeds for opening day to hospice. Anonymous

  • Plant a Tree
    Tree planting area for remembrance of families who have lost a loved one. Families purchase the tree that hospice has purchased for a bargain price but charge the market price. The planting area is a new park in town where trees are needed.

  • A Chocolate Extravaganza Fund Raiser
    Held on "Fat Tuesday" the day before Ash Wednesday. Vendors from restaurants, grocery, bakeries, etc. donate chocolate desserts, candy etc. Tickets are $12.50/person each person can choose five different desserts out of 7-9 choices. It is decorated in a Mardi Gra theme, with music and lots of streamers and balloons. Family Hospice, Lewiston, Idaho

  • Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser
    Teams of four, shot gun start, scramble game. Give prizes for closest to pin longest drive, etc. All prizes donated by local and area businesses. Found that Walmart and Sam's Club would match donations. Also gave prizes to different team categories-men, co-ed, women. Followed the tournament with a putting contest and gave away a putter! Also included a BBQ lunch. St. John's Hospice, Joplin, Missouri

  • Labor Day Weekend Concert
    This year we held our 9th annual Labor Day Weekend Concert. This is a joint venture between our Hospice and a local Industry (Arvin Foundation). The industry's foundation underwrites the cost of bringing in a 50's 60's band to present a free concert at a downtown park. Hospice makes money off the sale of concessions and T-shirts. Additionally a program book that we sell ads, have individual donators listed, etc. These are given out free also (Printed by same industry). Although we are in a town of only 30,000 we have 12,000 in attendance. We raise $50,000 at this concert. Bartholomew County Area Hospice, Columbus, Indiana

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  • 10th Anniversary Quilt
    Quilters from service area sewed quilt blocks for 2 quilts. One quilt was machine stitched and one hand quilted ( hundreds of hours). The hand quilted one was raffled $1600 and the machine stitched quilt is in the hospice family lounge. The quilt was displayed in the 5 towns in our service area and was a great awareness tool for the public. Waseca Area Hospice, Waseca, Minnesota

  • Memorial Bricks
    Memorial brick entryway to our lobby. Families and supporters like to see their names engraved in brick. 4" x 8" brick = $100; 8" x 8" = $500. Potential = $50,00-$100,000. Hospice of the Comforter, Altamonte Springs, Florida

  • Gift Wrapping
    We collaborate local shopping mall and holidays. They provide free gift wrap and hospice personal and volunteers wrap. Give $1.00 for every gift wrapped. Use for Tripple L. Camp for children B.V. once yearly (plus people donate). Hospice of the Florida Suncoast, Largo, Florida

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