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Great Ideas

What are "GREAT IDEAS" ?

The ideas assembled here--ranging from "Symptom Relief Kits"to "Cow Pie Fundraisers"--are what I call good ideas that work. They are field tested, immediately applicable ideas already contributing to the success of hospices throughout the United States. The ideas were contributed by participants in "Great Ideas" sessions at national hospice conferences. I led the first of these "Great Ideas" sessions at NHO's First National Conference on Hospice Volunteerism and have led others at subsequent conferences. 

The Great Ideas are organized by content area in the files listed below. Enjoy these great ideas and put them to use. Good luck!

Go to Bereavement and see a featured great idea, the web-based Grieving Center project for bereaved created by the bereavement team at Continuum Hospice in New York.

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