Santa Clara University

Housing Office

On-Campus Mail at Santa Clara University

What is my On-Campus Mailing Address at Santa Clara University?

All students who reside on-campus are assigned a four (4) digit mailbox number. To find your four (4) digit mailbox number:
  1. Log into eCampus and select the Housing Portal.
  2. Within the Housing Portal, select the Application tab.
  3. Along with both your 2013-2014 room and roommate assignments, the four (4) digit mailbox number is viewable on this page.
How is on-campus resident mail addressed?

The following address format is utilized for addressing on-campus resident mail. The four (4) digit mailbox number is placed in the spaces represented by X's below:



500 El Camino Real

Santa Clara, CA 95053-XXXX

All mailboxes for on-campus residents residing within Campisi, Dunne, Graham, McLaughlin, Nobili, Sanfilippo, Swig and Walsh Halls are located within the campus post office. The campus post office is located in the lower-level of the Benson Memorial Center.

All mailboxes for on-campus residents residing within Casa Italiana, Sobrato Hall, and University Villas are located within those respective buildings.