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Spring Closing Information

In preparation for the Spring 2014 Closing, the Housing Office wishes to provide you with some helpful information which will help minimize stress as you prepare to move-out of the residence halls at Santa Clara University! 

All residence halls (except for the University Villas) close on Thursday,  June 12, 2014 at 9:00PM! Please take note of this date & time as failure to checkout of your room by 9:00PM will result in an automatic charge of $25.00 per 15 minutes you are LATE moving out!

Please note the University Villas close at 5:00PM on Sunday, June 15, 2014. It is equally important that as a University Villas resident, you checkout of your apartment by 5:00PM to avoid LATE FEE charges.

Review and understand either the Residence Halls Room Closing Checklist or University Villas Closing Checklist, both of which can be found below!

Make sure to follow all of the procedures and expectations listed on either the Room or University Villas Closing checklist (adhere to the closing checklist that applies to your space type)! A Closing Checklist will be placed on your room or apartment door prior to move-out!

Reconfigure furniture before quiet hours begin.

Beds should be debunked and at their original height/setting to avoid a $200 fee. Your room must be left the same configuration as you found it when you arrived.

Use all of your Resident Dining Meal Plan Points!

Resident Dining Meal Points do not rollover from Spring 2014 to Fall 2014. The Spring 2014 Resident Dining Plan ends on Saturday, June 14!

Thoroughly clean your room or apartment.

All rooms, sinks mirrors and appliances (vacuum, dust, etc). Remove all trash to large dumpsters. 

Forward your mail!

Before you depart campus, make sure to forward your mail by updating your address via eCampus!

Discuss any room damage with your roommate(s).

Room damages are automatically divided between roommates unless you fill out a Roommate Responsibility Agreement form. This form allows each roommate to specify which damages are his/her responsibility. Discuss damages now and don't assume that your roommate will notify the Community Facilitator during check-out.

Retrieve all items left on campus (i.e. bike, clothes, supplies).


Donate any usable clothing items.

Food donations will also be accepted at the Library and Cellar Market in Benson.


Every resident must check-out. Failure to make and keep your appointment will result in a $25 improper check-out fee. Checkouts will not begin until all personal belongings are removed from the building. Failure to check-out on Thursday, June 12, 2014 for main campus residence halls or Sunday, June 15 for University Villas may result in a $25 per 15 minute late charge.

Closing Checklist for Residence Halls
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Closing Checklist for University Villas
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