Santa Clara University

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Cable Television - Linc TV

LINC-TV - Santa Clara University's privately owned cable television system - provides cable television service to all of the residence halls.

The New Linc - Television system is Digital QAM.   The Linc Cable Television service is free of charge. Please do note not all television sets will tune to Digital QAM.  Television sets older than 3 years may need a STB Digital Set Top Box in order to receive the digital signal.  These boxes range in price from $35.00 - $75.00

A complete Channel Guide is available on the Media Services Website. There are more than - 95 - digital channels. Please be advised that more digital channels may be added throughout the school year. At this time LINC-TV does not support the Tivo or Slingbox  formats.

When programming your television to receive the digital signal please make sure the television is programmed for “CATV” also known as "Cable".