Santa Clara University


2015 On-Campus Undergraduate Summer Housing

SUMMER SESSION HOUSING APPLICATION - The 2015 Undergraduate Summer Session housing application becomes available on April 15, 2015 via eCampus! A $250 Housing deposit is required for the 2015 Undergraduate Summer Session Housing. 

SUMMER RESIDENCE BUILDINGS - For Summer 2015, both Graham Hall & the University Villas will serve as the summer residence buildings for students living on-campus. Students who were Freshmen during the 2014 - 2015 academic school year will reside within Graham Hall; students who were Sophomores or Juniors during the 2014 -  2015 academic school year will reside in University Villas.

PRIORITY GROUPS - Summer housing at SCU is offered to students in the following descending priority order. Students with Piority 1 are placed within summer housing first, and the following priority groups are assigned in descending order until space is no longer available. Due to limited space within summer housing, an application for summer housing does not guarantee an assignment for the summer nor does an application guarantee a specific room type. 

1. SCU students enrolled in summer school courses on the SCU campus
2. Pre-season athletes
3. Campus program student staff
4. Non-SCU students enrolled in summer school courses on the SCU campus
5. Faculty research assistants
6. SCU students with an on-campus job
7. SCU students with a non-campus job/internship


On Sunday, June 14, 2015, current on-campus residents will transition from their academic year residential space into Graham Hall or the University Villas.

Summer school residents who do not currently reside on-campus will move into either Graham Hall or the University Villas on Monday, June 15, 2015.

Summer residents are only eligible to reside within campus housing during the summer term(s) for which they are enrolled within summer session courses or only during the time of their on-campus work commitment. Therefore, summer session residents will also move into either Graham Hall or University Villas at later dates during the summer months. These specific occupancy dates will be communicated accordingly to applicable summer session students.

Summer Housing is NOT available after Thursday, September 3, 2015 as Graham Hall and the University Villas must undergo preparations for the ensuing 2015 - 2016 academic year. Unfortunately, no exceptions are made to allow students to remain within Graham Hall or the University Villas beyond September 3, 2015.

SUMMER 2015 WEEKLY RATES - Summer housing residents are billed utilizing a weekly rate.

Graham Mini-Suite Triple
Graham Mini-Suite Double
University Villas 4 Bedroom Double 
University Villas 4 Bedroom Premium Single (attached bathroom or walk-in closet)
University Villas 4 Bedroom Regular Single (no attached bathroom nor does the room have a walk-in closet)
University Villas 2 Bedroom Single

Download the Summer 2015 Undergraduate Housing Contract which also outlines the cancellation policy!