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Dining On-Campus

Every resident student chooses a dining plan based on points. Rather than deducting a set number of meals per day or per week, you'll use your dining plan point balance to buy the food you want to eat, whenever and wherever you're hungry!

The main dining venue at Santa Clara is The Marketplace, not a cafeteria; most food is made to order and the marketplace is open throughout the day. The Marketplace is at the center of campus so you're almost always nearby, and it has the largest selection of dining options, but it is certainly not the the only way to eat.!

Want a large cup of coffee before your midterm? Stop at the coffee cart. Perhaps you're hungry while on-the-go or after hours? You can buy groceries and snacks, grab a smoothie, or wrap up the night with a late-night pizza on campus! Do you want to celebrate a big day somewhere off campus? Use your ACCESS card like a debit card at more than 30 restaurants in the surrounding area with FLEX.

For more information on dining plans, dining points, flex, and dining venues, click here.

Vegetarian, Vegan, and other Special Dietary Needs

Our chefs can create custom dishes for you at our many dining locations. Don't hesitate to speak with an Santa Clara University Dining Services Manager if you have medical or dietary restrictions. Everything possible will be done to meet your special needs. SCU has also made a commitment to providing fresh, organic, and local ingredients whenever possible to create healthy food while adhering to sustainable practices and fostering ecological awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dining Plan Options