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The Integration of Campus Life

Santa Clara University’s Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) are about connections. Your RLC will help you connect with your peers and other students on campus, with faculty in and outside of class, with the University Core Curriculum as a coherent whole, with student programs and organizations, and with the University community at large.

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Residential Learning Communities are an important part of life on campus. In your RLC you will make friends, take classes and form study groups, interact closely with RLC faculty, develop programs, and just hang out. Those of you who will live off campus will also be members of RLCs and will have access to the residence hall housing your RLC. Becoming involved in your RLC will give you an on-campus community and an easy way to connect with peers and faculty outside of class.

Residential Learning Communities facilitate the transition to University life for those new to our campus and nurture the interests of students already here. From your first day on campus, you will begin to develop relationships with other first-year students. And because SCU’s learning communities are multi-year, you will come to know returning students who already understand how the University works and can share what they’ve learned with you, making it easier for you to adjust to campus life. In turn, each RLC hopes to engage its newest members in its ongoing development.

Living in an RLC

Moving into a new environment can be one of the most exciting aspects of starting college. By living on campus in a Residential Learning Community (RLC), you will gain tremendous opportunity for growth and development. An engaging learning environment takes shape when people share interests, knowledge, and experiences. Faculty, Housing and Residence Life staff, and peer educators enhance this environment by helping you become involved.

The activities in your RLC will touch all aspects of your life. You will enhance your learning, develop roommate communication skills, and stay up late discussing political issues. You will participate in events both academic and social. You will be exposed to different attitudes, values, and lifestyles. We encourage you to take advantage of all the opportunities available to you and to participate actively in creating them.

Residential Learning Communities

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