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What to Bring

As you begin to prepare for your move to Santa Clara, there are a few things you should think about before you start packing. Remember that your new room, which already has two or three sets of furniture in it, will also house two or three people and all of their belongings. Because of the size of the rooms, we suggest that you not bring too many items initially. Examine the following list. You’ll want to have most of these with you when you arrive on campus.

Items to Bring

Linens: Sheets, a blanket or comforter, and a pillow. Remember, the mattresses are extra long (80 inches) and will require extra-long sheets.

students moving into residence hall
Towels and Toiletries: Along with a bath towel, make sure you bring a small bucket or caddy to carry items to and from the bathroom.
TV: Talk to your roommate(s) before bringing a television. Remember there is only one cable TV jack.
Convenience Appliances: Small microwave ovens, small refrigerators (up to 4 cubic feet), coffeepots, and hot pots without exposed coils are allowed. A company will be on campus the first week of school to rent refrigerators to students. Computers are allowed as well. We encourage you to bring a computer so that you can take advantage of the data networking services in your room.
Emergency Supplies: Flashlight, batteries, and any other personal emergency supplies you may need. Students should bring and maintain a minimum 3 day supply of medications, water, and non-perishable items for any specific dietary needs. 
Miscellaneous Items: Other necessary items include clothes hangers, an alarm clock, a study lamp, an iron, and a laundry bag. If you bring a bicycle, be sure to bring a heavy-duty lock.
Room Decor: Although students may add simple furnishings to their rooms, they are not allowed to remove furniture or permanently alter rooms. Some rooms have furniture that can be turned into lofts or bunk beds. Self-constructed lofts are not permitted. Painting your room is not allowed. You may hang posters and similar materials on the walls, but check with your CF first. Sheets, nets, or other large pieces of material may not be hung from walls or ceilings for fire- safety reasons. Plants, posters, and pictures are all great ways to personalize your room.

Items to Leave at Home                                                  

Cooking/Heating Appliances: Due to health and safety concerns and energy demands, sunlamps, torchiere halogen lamps, crockpots, toaster ovens, hot plates, space heaters, and other appliances with exposed heating units are not permitted in the halls. Fire regulations do not permit flammable liquids, such as chemicals, gasoline, or lighter fluid.

Amplified Instruments or Drum Sets: These will be confiscated, and you will be required to send them home if they are seen or heard in the residence halls.

Drugs or Illegal Substances: Students found in possession of or using illegal drugs will be dealt with through the SCU disciplinary system.

Weapons or Explosive Agents: Possession of any weapon, including BB guns, air guns, firearms, hunting equipment, knives, martial arts tools, stun guns, paint-pellet guns, or any items of a similar nature, is prohibited in the residence halls. Use or possession of fireworks, firecrackers, or other explosives or chemicals is also prohibited.

The University is not responsible for the safety of personal possessions. In many cases, a student’s personal belongings are covered under his or her parents’ homeowner’s insurance. If not, we suggest obtaining additional insurance.


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