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Amy Lyman - Trustworthy Leadership

Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2013

Trust is a precious resource that needs to be developed and strengthened — continuously. Trust is also fragile, and leaders’ behavior can quickly and easily be scrutinized — making their efforts to build and sustain trust paramount. When leaders and managers are trustworthy, they inspire the confidence and discretionary effort of those around them, which contributes powerfully to organization success.

Learn how many of the greatest leaders in organizations have developed their own trustworthy leadership practice. Amy will share her findings from research she conducted on trustworthy leadership and from her years studying and consulting with companies seeking to become great places to work. Stories, anecdotes and examples will provide you with a practical as well as philosophical understanding for why trust is the most important leadership quality to cultivate.

Amy has spent three decades studying organizations and groups, seeking to understand what helps some groups to thrive while others stall or fail. Her findings on how trustworthy leaders create and support thriving organizations will instruct and inspire you.

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