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Jennifer Robin - No Excuses

Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2014



Change is exhilarating, renewing, and developmental.  Why, then, when we are faced with the opportunity to lead a positive change, is the first inclination is often to slow down, focus on obstacles, and make excuses? Leaders aiming to make their good workplaces into great ones will often talk first about the lack of commitment and resources, the push and pull of organizational demands, the limitations of their industry or functional area, organizational complexity or other legacy issues, and even the employees themselves as difficulties and obstacles to the work they know they can, should, and eventually will do. While excuse making is human, the ability to turn excuses into fuel is a fundamental leadership skill.


In this talk, author and Great Place to Work® Research Fellow Jennifer Robin will discuss practices from managers and leaders who have done just that: adopting mindsets and overcoming challenges to sustaining their great workplace. Participants will leave with a renewed commitment to moving from a good place to work to a great one, along with some helpful tips for getting (re)started on the journey.


Jennifer Robin is a management faculty member in the Foster College of Business at Bradley University. She teaches in undergraduate, MBA, and executive programs in the areas of leadership, organizational culture, and strategic human resources management. She has co-authored three books, a forthcoming book entitled, No Excuses: How You Can Turn Any Workplace into a Great One, The Great Workplace: How to Build It, How to Keep It, and Why It Matters (2011) and A Life in Balance: Finding Meaning in a Chaotic World (2006). Her many research interests include how employees form productive bonds with their organizations, and the behaviors required by leaders to build trust in their organizations.  You can learn more at

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