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Comments from 2013 participants

"Even experienced leaders will gain from participating in TCTL Program. You have an opportunity to refresh yourskills, to learn new tips and develop new habits, meet fellow colleagues. It is well worth the time invested and you will walk away refreshed and well prepared to be an effective leader for our organization as well as the other segments of your life (family, volunteer groups, etc.)."

"TCTL is a scientific training, a solid foundation for producing new and refined leaders!!"

"I think as a result of my dedication to follow up and read the book and reflect on the workbook exercises, I'll be a better leader. I am grateful for the time away from the office to think about these issues. I think it's important."

"For new leaders, this is wonderful. For intermediary leaders, this is wonderful. For very seasoned leaders, this is wonderful. TCTL teaches you that when it comes to leading, you are not the leader you perceive you to be. You are the leader who others perceive you to be; therefore: communicate, communicate, communicate."

"In my journey, I had this idea that I had grown and learned so much. While that is true, this program helped me find my true status along my path. I found that to be one of the most valuable things I have ever learned. It opened me up to accepting how 'new' and 'green' I really am and gave me a great way to plot a road map to get to where I would like to be. I am excited to find that there is much work to do because I think I am at my best when I am learning. Thank you for the opportunity!"

"Great opportunity to grow in awareness of self and others' perception of self. Great opportunity to get to know and learn from colleagues across campus."

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