Skip-A-Meal is a pledge to give up one meal each week and use the savings for the hungry and poor through reliable agencies. Those unable to fast in this way, e.g., children or aged, can give up some snacks.

How it Works

Our goal is simple but effective organization by unpaid volunteers. Here at Santa Clara this group consists of volunteer staff at the Ignatian Center, the Development Department, and  the Sunday 10AM Worship Community at the Mission Church.  We send a monthly newsletter to each S.A.M. participant. They in turn send in  the amount they wish to give for the month. They can send us a check or, if an employee of SCU, use payroll deductions through SCU payroll. These donations are processed through the Development Department and registered as tax-deductible gifts. This money is then sent in its entirety to three agencies in Santa Clara County for their use in direct aid to the needy (see below).

How it All Began

Skip-A-Meal started about 30 years ago when a few Santa Clara University professors were discussing the problems of world hunger. Joseph Grassi, from the Religious Studies Department, turned those concerns into action, and Skip-A-Meal was born. About ten years ago Skip-a-Meal had already raised more than a million dollars in food relief for the hungry. Grassi and other volunteers did not do this through a big organization, but through the original grass-roots efforts and 11 independent Skip-A-Meal centers that sprouted from that one.

Who We Fund at Santa Clara University Skip-a-Meal

Your gifts are shared equally by our three sponsored agencies: 

  • InnVision
  • Loaves & Fishes
  • Martha's Kitchen