Spring 2013: Sacred Work

Sacred Texts, Critical Engagement, and Vocation

In the spring quarter, the 2012–13 Bannan Institute will attend to the ways in which critical engagement with sacred texts and traditions is relevant to the work of a Jesuit, Catholic university. The Bannan Institute will offer a series of public conversations, lectures, and events in which persons of diverse religious and secular traditions are invited to reflect upon how sacred texts are significant to their lives and make meaning of their work.

Sacred Poetics: Creation, Collaboration, and the Space In-Between

by Thomas Ingmire |

May 16, 2013 | 4-5:30 p.m.
Third Floor Gallery, Library and Learning Commons| MAP

Artistic collaborations foster the exploration of wider spectrums and demand mutual respect and ultimately, openness to the idea of embracing mystery and a search for the unknown. In this presentation, Thomas Ingmire reflects on a number of collaborative projects involving poetry, music, and calligraphy, and in this context, jostles with the dynamic of sacred poetics, producing meaning in the space in-between.

Thomas Ingmire was born in 1942 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He received a Bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture from The Ohio State University and a Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley. Both of these programs involved intensive graphic and fine arts studies. He worked in the landscape architecture field and in the early 1970s discovered calligraphy. He joined English master calligrapher and illuminator Donald Jackson's one-year program in the Art Department at California State University, Los Angeles. In 1977 he submitted work to the Society of Scribes and Illuminators (SSI) in London, and became the first foreign member to be elected as Fellow of the SSI. In 1980, Ingmire was granted a Newberry Fellowship for a continuing study of calligraphy. Ingmire's early work focused on teaching and calligraphic research involving the exploration of calligraphy as a fine arts medium. He has taught workshops throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and several countries in Europe, as well as in Japan and Hong Kong. Ingmire has exhibited widely in United States and abroad, and his works can be found in the New York Public Library's Special Collections; San Francisco Public Library's Special Collections, the Newberry Library, Chicago; Indiana Purdue University's Heron Art Library, The Victoria and Albert Museum; The Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry, Miami Beach, Florida; Stanford University Libraries' Special Collections; Young Research Library Department of Special Collections at the University of California, Los Angeles; Stiftung Archiv der Akademie der Kunste (Academy of Fine Arts), Berlin, Germany; and in many other public and private collections throughout the world.

Since 2002 Ingmire has concentrated on the making of artist's books. He has embarked on a number of collaborative projects including the Pablo Neruda and Federico Garcia Lorca series of books with Manuel Neri; work as an illuminator on the St. John's Bible; and a new collaboration involving 10 poets which explores the affinities between poetry, music and calligraphy.  Thomas Ingmire currently lives and works in San Francisco California.

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