Spring 2013: Sacred Work

Sacred Texts, Critical Engagement, and Vocation

In the spring quarter, the 2012–13 Bannan Institute will attend to the ways in which critical engagement with sacred texts and traditions is relevant to the work of a Jesuit, Catholic university. The Bannan Institute will offer a series of public conversations, lectures, and events in which persons of diverse religious and secular traditions are invited to reflect upon how sacred texts are significant to their lives and make meaning of their work.

The Word and the Words I

Sacred Texts and Santa Clara University

by Panel Session |

April 18, 2013 | 12-1:30 p.m
Williman Room, Benson Memorial Center | MAP

This luncheon conversation will feature representatives from different schools, departments, and units on campus, each reflecting on what constitutes a sacred text within their area, and how these sacred texts inform, frame, and challenge the mission and vision of their unit within the University.

Facilitated by Eileen Elrod, vice provost for Faculty Development and professor, English, Women and Gender Studies

Kirk Hanson, executive director, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Sacred Text: United Nations Global Compact
Sacred Text: Caritas In Veritate (2009 Encyclical Letter, Pope Benedict XVI)

Thane Kreiner, executive director, Center for Science, Technology and Society
Sacred Text: United Nations Millennium Declaration (pdf)

Donald Polden, dean, School of Law
Sacred Text: Constitution of the United States

Jeanne Rosenberger, vice provost for Student Life, dean of students
Sacred Text: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Lunch will be provided.

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