Thriving Neighbors

The SCU Thriving Neighbors Initiative will actively promote strategic ties between Santa Clara University and the Greater Washington Community of San Jose in order to advance prosperity and education of both SCU students and neighborhood students as whole persons in whole communities.

A History of Collaboration


Central to Santa Clara University’s Jesuit, Catholic values and 160-year identity is a commitment to creating a more just and equitable world. This tradition calls on the University to be both courageous and imaginative in finding new ways to partner with businesses, community leaders, and organizations to help improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods that make up its extended community. Read More.

Academic Enrichment Program


Designed to make college a reality for all, the first phase of Thriving Neighbors includes the launch of a fourth- and fifth- grade academic enrichment program. This program integrates science, technology, literacy, and California Common Core Standards into an 8-week, project-based, afterschool program.


What We Hope to Accomplish


Thriving Neighbors will bring SCU schools, departments, and community programs together with neighborhood residents, leaders, businesses, schools, non-profit partners, and government to create mutually beneficial, interconnected and multidisciplinary solutions. Read More.


Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative


Launched in January 2012, the LSB Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative (NPI) provides opportunities for students to contribute to, and learn from, businesses, individuals and organizations in low income neighborhoods in the San Jose area around issues of economic prosperity. Funded and housed in the Leavey School of Business, NPI is part of SCU's larger Place-based Initiative. Read More.



Thriving Neighbors Brochure

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Thriving Neighbors
Case Statement

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To learn more or get involved:

Jennifer Merritt
Director of Community-Based Learning
Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education

To make a donation of support:

Nicole Clawson
Associate Director for Development
Office of Development