Arrupe Engagement

Together, Ignatian Center staff, Santa Clara faculty, community partners, and students reflect on both classroom and placement learning, yielding tangible benefits to the community as well as an integrated educational experience.

First Week of the Quarter: First Class and Sign-ups

  • Students will receive information in their class detailing the community partners that are appropriate to the course.
  • Students select and register for their placement.
  • Placement requirements: Some placements require a TB test or fingerprinting. It is each student's responsibility to complete the necessary requirements before starting their placement.

Second Week of the Quarter: Orientations

  • All students must participate in a mandatory orientation at their respective placement site.
  • Community partners, who serve as on-site mentors, will identify activities and tasks for students which are appropriate for meeting course requirements.

Third through 10th Weeks of the Quarter: Weekly Engagement

  • Students participate in the community for their weekly engagement two hours per week.
  • It is the student's responsibility to make up any missed sessions during the quarter.
  • Over the course of the quarter, students provide feedback through the online electronic progress report (EPR)
  • Students provide faculty with completed and signed (CBL Site Supervisor Evaluation) at the completion of the placement.