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Sara Green-Thomsen

Our Family’s Coalition San Francisco, California

by Sara Green-Thomsen |

Class of 2014
Jean Donovan Fellow Summer 2013
Our Family’s Coalition San Francisco, California

As a child, I was told repeatedly that one person could impact the world. This was a sentiment I had always wanted to believe but for reasons unknown could never comprehend until my sophomore of college. I realized that I wanted to advocate for and directly impact the injustices I saw around me. This prospect was thrilling but more prominently, daunting. I felt I neither had the knowledge nor the resources to adequately impact my community. After coming to the realization that social justice was implicit to my chosen career path, elementary education, I was fortunate enough to attain the Donovan Summer Fellowship and begin my journey with OFC’s Education Team.

I was thrilled to be immediately entrusted with meaningful tasks and to be a part of a team that creates welcoming and inclusive classrooms. As our team attended Gender Spectrum, collaborated on Welcoming Schools’ resources, and organized the fall preschool fair, I realized that my social justice “toolbox” was expanding. I no longer felt daunted by advocacy; I felt empowered. Each day my colleagues inspired me to impact future change within my classroom, school, and district. I knew that I wanted to impact the LGBTQ community through elementary education, but I now also see that I do not have to remain in my own classroom. There are families, teachers, and administrators everywhere who yearn for the same knowledge and involvement that I do. I now possess the ability to provide them with a few resources they could use to impact their own communities. Our Family Coalition’s positive environment and innovative work nurtured my longing to generate change and to cultivate an epiphany into lifelong advocacy.

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