Paintbrush Diplomacy

Santa Clara University’s collaboration with Paintbrush Diplomacy began in fall 2003 as part of the University’s Institute on Globalization which included an exhibition of international artwork created by children through Paintbrush Diplomacy’s programs.

We found in Paintbrush Diplomacy an organization that shares SCU’s commitment to creating a more just and humane world, and experienced through this temporary exhibit, the powerful role that art exchange can play in this mission. Our partnership with Paintbrush Diplomacy expanded and through their generosity, we have maintained a semi-permanent exhibit of children’s artwork created through their programs on our campus. This exhibit has inspired many Santa Clara University students to participate in this creative, engaging, and meaningful experience locally and abroad.

Paintbrush Diplomacy exchanges offer unique enrichment opportunity for youth in our local and global communities. The opportunity for Santa Clara students to take this program to children has been formative for their understanding of self and of the community. Over the past several years, SCU students have facilitated art exchanges with children in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. We are especially grateful to Paintbrush Diplomacy and to our collaborating communities for their continued support of this partnership. We look forward to expanding the number of our students facilitating artwork exchanges and to helping grow the network of communities, locally and abroad, that participate in this valuable program.

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Get Involved

If you are a Santa Clara student, staff, or faculty member and would like to facilitate an artwork exchange please contact:

Valerie Sarma
Ignatian Center

More Information

For more information about the Paintbrush Diplomacy organization please visit:



Paintbrush Diplomacy Reflection
Kyra Sjarif

From having grown up in Jakarta, Indonesia for most of my life, I had been privy to the hardships befalling those who existed right outside my car window, beggars with arms outstretched, hoping for spare change or children dancing on the streets, the soles of their feet rubbing against the concrete. Read More