Coordinators Profiles

Jenna Lipman



Hi! I am originally from Port Washington, NY but have loved spending my collegiate years out in California. While I have been a vegetarian for the past 7 years, I will shamefully admit that Tacobell is my guilty pleasure - even though I only order nachos and a cheese quesadilla! Something I have recently found myself very passionate about is learning about the developing world, specifically economic development issues. This passion has encouraged me to seek out opportunities to work in a developing country upon graduation, potentially in a micro-finance position. After having two very different and extremely powerful experiences on immersion trips to Appalachia, WV and Nicaragua, I wanted to become a coordinator to give back to the program and hopefully inspire my peers.

Roshan Rama



I am originally from Scottsdale, Arizona, but all that I can remember is growing up in the Bay Area. As far as hobbies go, I love playing, watching, and even refereeing soccer. I initially learned about Santa Clara University after having watched the San Jose Earthquakes play at Buck Shaw Stadium. My experience at the university continues to be excellent and I thank the Ignatian Center for introducing me to communities near and abroad. As a coordinator not only do I hope to aid my peers in understanding of injustices in the global community, but also challenge my own misconceptions.

Chris Rotas


I was born and raised in Sacramento, California (go Kings!). I come from big Greek family with an older sister, older brother, and younger sister, along with a dog and seemingly endless aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. One of my biggest passions is music production because it’s a good way for me to separate myself from the busy world around me and essentially create something musically out of a simple idea. I also love to play basketball and watch the Sacramento Kings play. I am excited to be an immersion coordinator so that I can give back the awesome and engaging experience that I got out of my immersion to Ecuador to students who are new to immersions and want to learn more about engaging in other communities.

Alaina Boyle


I'm a California native from Rocklin, near Sacramento. I'm into all sorts of adventuring such as tree-climbing, sky-diving, hot-air-ballooning, yoga-ing, and am up for pretty much anything! I'm very involved in the Santa Clara Community Action Program and am passionate about social justice issues across a wide variety of disciplines. I was very lucky to travel to The Gambia this summer and really enjoyed forming friendships across cultural boundaries. I'm so excited to continue connecting with people both at Santa Clara and across the world as an immersion leader this year!

Ciaran Freeman


Ciaran copy 

I was born and raised in the great state of New Jersey, insert your favorite Springsteen lyric here. The first time I ate an orange was on my immersion trip to San Jose last Spring. People call me the Frank Underwood of board games. I am really interested in the intersection of art and social justice and how art can create, promote, and sustain dialogue on issues facing the oppressed and marginalized. Immersions have been a large part of my formation as an individual and I became a coordinator to be able to help facilitate that growth in other people.

Sri Ramesh


 sri copy

I grew up about in Cupertino, CA, but my family is from originally from India. Though my name might sound unique, there are actually nine people in my family whose names all begin with Sri. I get fired up by discussions on philosophy, ethics in particular. I became a coordinator because my immersion to Mumbai was an incredible journey of personal growth I think so many students can benefit from. It introduced me to some of worst injustices but also the most generous communities.

Chris Esparza


Contrary to popular belief, Texas is a very diverse state that can have sprawling cities, immense, rolling plains, mountains, deserts and forests. I know this because I lived in Houston for a majority of my life (with the exception of living in Mexico as a little kid). Because I was in Houston, I was able to experience zero gravity on a parabolic flight through a program NASA set up for scientific research on the International Space Station. Along with the physics involved on the flight, I have always been curious on how the universe works on the deepest levels. Despite my interest in the scientific field, I recognize that there can be so much that can and should be done in the field of social justice.  I wanted to be an immersion coordinator because while we may learn and grow in knowledge about the universe as a whole, it might as well be useless if we do not learn about the smaller, personal universes that are the interactions with our brothers and sisters as well.

Alejandra Budar


I am original from Encinitas, CA, which is in the greater San Diego area. A fun fact is that I am trilingual, fluent in Spanish, French and English. I am currently working on learning Vietnamese as well. I am very passionate about social justice. I am on the executive board for Creating Progress at Home, a social justice club that focuses on injustices in Latin America. I believe that solidarity is one of the greatest gifts that can be given to a marginalized group and there is much one can learn from leaving one's comfortable bubble. I decided to become an Immersion Coordinator because of the life-changing impact that my own Immersion Trip to Ecuador had on the way I viewed privilege, education and U.S. politics. I hope to guide students through the Immersion Trip to Puebla, Mexico to have just as great of an impact and deepen their own self-knowledge. 

Kelsey Kajioka  


I’m originally from Southern California but have lived in both New Jersey and Texas for a short time. During my time on the east coast, I visited six of the sports hall of fame's on a family road trip (baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf, and hockey). In my spare time I enjoy skiing, playing the piano, cooking, and traveling.  I wanted to be a coordinator because my immersion experience to San Francisco opened my eyes to the injustices in my own community. Learning from the community I was in and engaging with my immersion group has been one of my most memorable experiences of college.

Eduardo Cuevas


I am from Salinas, California, the place where you get your lettuce and the setting for most of your John Steinbeck books. This summer my parents adopted a puppy named Xoco (pronounced Sho-Ko; Nahuatl for "Youngest Sister") and I got to hang out with her and take care of her while she was sick! She is feeling a lot better now, don't worry.I am very passionate about understanding urban development, and the contexts in which cities were formed through land use, migration, and economic development. It's a really weird passion, I know. An aspect of Santa Clara that has really interested me is the Ignatian belief of creative companionship with others and how relates a lot to how we experience immersion and understand communities—not only with other Santa Clara students, but also the people that graciously allow us to stay in their homes and neighborhoods.

Grace Matthews


Hey there! My name is Grace Matthews and I am originally from Petaluma, CA, which is about 2 hours north of Santa Clara. A fun fact about my family is that we have a girl from Russia, named Vica, come and stay with us every summer. She turned 13 this June, and has been staying with us since she was 7! I love having an extra little sister! I am particularly interested in distributive justice and equal access, especially when it comes to healthcare. I love children and have been babysitting since I was 11 years old. I wanted to be an immersion trip coordinator because my immersion trips to New Orleans when I was in high school and Mumbai after my freshman year of college changed the way I saw the world. Having grown up in an area of little poverty, seeing the poverty in these two very different places made me realize that not everyone lives like me. I wanted to be able to be part of the facilitation of this realization for other Santa Clara students.

Nita Sridharan


 nita copy

I was born in El Paso, TX but spent most of my life in Portland, OR. I often think/act/hope to improve the living conditions for all animals we share this world with. I love to go on aimless walks or bike rides with my friends late at night and look at art. I want to be an immersion coordinator because I wanted to engage in something that could help support other students in understanding themselves and the world around them better as well as give back to the Ignatian Center for providing us such wonderful experiences.

William Kidd-Gonzalez


I am originally from Sacramento, California and am one of three siblings who have attended Santa Clara University. Though my sisters helped pave the way to an enjoyable four years at Santa Clara, I constantly am learning new things as I traverse this beautiful campus.  I would like to say that the Oakland A's are a true passion of mine but I think the promise of renewable and sustainable technologies are a more reliable source of enjoyment for me.  I wanted to be the Appalachia coordinator ever since I left there last year as an immersion participant.  The landscape and culture is a magnificent thing to marvel at while the people are even more interesting to learn from with their eclectic backgrounds in mining, logging, and activism.

Dulce Guzman


I was born in Mexico City but immigrated to Los Angeles when I was three years old. When I'm not enjoying eating tomatoes, I am baking delicious cakes (so I've been told) for friends and family. I was drawn to becoming an immersion coordinator because I value the opportunity that is given to students to understand the complexity of the social issues that occur outside of the Santa Clara bubble. While we learn about their struggles, we also have the opportunity to celebrate their culture and the adversities the communities have overcome.


Coordinators Profiles


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