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Jesmin Ram

by Navajo Nation |

Hello! My name is Jesmin and I am currently a junior majoring in Public Health Sciences. I’m from South San Francisco which has been my home for more than 20 years. When I’m not in class, I love traveling, volunteering, and hanging out with friends.

I was fortunate to have attended two immersion trips to New Orleans, Louisiana, and Tucson, Arizona. My immersion experiences changed my outlook on the world, and opened my eyes to a world of reality and injustices that occur within our nation. The experiences I gained and the people I met have inspired me to be an Immersion coordinator. The immersion trips I’ve been on have been central factors in my Santa Clara education. They have allowed me to grow as an individual and spark a passion for social justice, and have enabled me to integrate my experiences with my life, my education, and my future. After coming back from both immersion trips, I’ve looked for ways to keep my experience alive and continued to share my experiences with family, friends, and the greater SCU community. Each experience has opened my eyes to new ideas of what it means to be in solidarity with others and inspired me to continue to spread awareness and share my experiences with others.

To me, immersion means to immerse yourself in a culture different from your own and with an open mind, grasp the essence of that culture and understand the people within that society. We learn to accustom ourselves to the culture and learn to live like the people do. Immersion experiences allow us to see the world with a new perspective, acknowledge the social injustices of marginalized communities, and allow us to consider our roles in the world. While learning in a classroom setting allows us to gain knowledge, immersing yourself in the realities of the world and educating yourself through your experiences and encounters creates memories that’ll last a lifetime and allow you to educate your family and friends about realities that we are unaware of. Immersions become engrained in our education as we interact and encounter a culture different from our own. They enable us to reflect on who we are and the issues that affect our society. We learn to walk in the shoes of the people and see the world through their eyes. Immersion gives us insight into the values needed to build a stronger community. Our life takes shape in the experience of our relations with ourselves and others and offers new hope for solidarity and interconnectedness. It allows us to evaluate what we value, how we interact, the purpose we serve in our lives, and the bridge we are building between individuals and communities.

I’m fortunate to have been given another opportunity to go on an immersion trip and be part of yet another awe-inspiring immersion experience.

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Coordinators Profiles


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