Luis E. Aguilar '13

John XXIII Multi-Service Center - Catholic Charities

"Having the opportunity to intern at John XXIII Multi-Service Center is a privilege to me because I know I will be working with an elder population which is typically ignored and abused in our communities.  I look forward to gaining a deeper understanding and new perspective on health promotion and wellness, life-long learning and social services, especially those surrounding the issues of Alzheimer's and health inequalities. I am very excited to intern at John XXIII because not only will I be exposed to a new sector of the community, but I will also be attending to the services of a predominantly Asian elder program and this therefore will challenge my ability to work together with another culture.  Ultimately, I hope to apply the knowledge I have gained in my education to help promote and continue the invaluable services of respect, compassion, and sensitivity at John XXIII."

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