Christopher Paschal '13
Finance major

Lessons from an immersion trip to Ecuador are brought home

Christopher Paschal’s first experience with the Ignatian Center came during his Junior year, when he took a class with an experiential learning component. Once a week, he worked with a community partner. In this case he traveled to the nearby Sacred Heart Nativity School, a tuition-free private school in a struggling San Jose community for sixth through eighth graders.

As part of the course Paschal reflected and discussed his work with the school. This would set the table for his next experience with the Ignatian Center—a 10-day immersion to Ecuador.

Paschal’s greatest lesson from the immersion trip to Ecuador was that “true community is present when the success and satisfaction of the group is promoted over the individual.”

While Paschal acknowledges he doesn’t plan to return to Ecuador in the near future, he sees his experiences there carrying over to how he will live his life as a “man for others” here in the U.S. He plans to always be a mentor and personal development coach for young adults, specifically young African-American males.

“Through mentoring and developing young leaders, I feel that I can give young adults the tools to serve, empower, and improve their communities.”

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