• Briana Britton '13<br />
Biology and Public Health Science double major

    Briana Britton '13
    Biology and Public Health Science double major

    A Donovan Fellowship to an East San Jose health clinic motivates an aspiring doctor.

  • Christopher Paschal '13<br />
Finance major

    Christopher Paschal '13
    Finance major

    Lessons from an immersion trip to Ecuador are brought home.

  • Talia Bender

    In El Salvador, I witnessed struggles and impoverished standards of living, but the people taught me about love,  strength, family, and faith.

  • Jennifer Mock

    We were challenged to immerse in Appalachian culture and in the process grew as conscious individuals learning a compassion for the people of West Virginia.

  • Juliana Cummings

    This experience raised many questions, but more than anything it put a much needed face to the idea of immigration.

  • Caitlin Bliss

    I learned that gutting a house is hard, physical, back-braking labor and I also learned how just one house at a time can make such a big impact.

  • Laura Sanchez '14

    Laura Sanchez '14

    I am very excited about being given the opportunity to intern at Escuela Popular and go beyond the standard Arrupe community-based learning experience. I hope to get a better sense of the communities and the people that make up San Jose.

  • Bianca Lopez '13

    Bianca Lopez '13

    My passion lies a lot on education, specifically, the theme surrounding disparities among the youth in urban populations. I chose to work at Cabrillo Middle School because I want to learn more about the role of each individual in the educational system.

  • Lizette Estrada-Valencia '14

    Lizette Estrada-Valencia '14

    I am extremely grateful to be given the opportunity of being able to work with and gain insight from the community that is aided by the many different programs that Sacred Heart Community Service offers.

  • Luis E. Aguilar '13

    Luis E. Aguilar '13

    I look forward to gaining a deeper understanding and new perspective on health promotion and wellness, life-long learning and social services, especially those surrounding the issues of Alzheimer's and health inequalities.

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