Bannan Visitors

The Bannan Visitors program was a program designed to invite individuals to SCU to engage in issues or activities that support the Jesuit and Catholic character. While the program is no longer active, past visitors provided a rich array of resources to the University.

The Life & Legacy of Archbishop Oscar Romero

by Monsignor Urioste |

Archbishop Oscar A. Romero of El Salvador was murdered on March 24, 1980. On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of his death, Monsignor Ricardo Urioste Bustamante of El Salvador offered a reflection on "The Legacy and Life of Archbishop Romero."

En Español: Monsignor Urioste also presented: "Legado y Vida de Monsenor Romero" on Thursday, April 29 at St. Julie's Church in San Jose, CA.

Monsignor Urioste was Vicar General to Archbishop Romero from 1977 to 1980 and is currently the President of the Archbishop Romero Foundation in El Salvador.

Icon of Oscar Romero of El Salvador painted by Robert Lentz. Available from Copyright Robert Lentz.

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