Bannan Visitors

The Bannan Visitors program was a program designed to invite individuals to SCU to engage in issues or activities that support the Jesuit and Catholic character. While the program is no longer active, past visitors provided a rich array of resources to the University.

Cum Laude

The Reason for Santa Clara University

by John Haughey, S.J. |

During his visit to campus, John Haughey, S.J. delivered this public lecture on the purpose of Catholic Higher Education and engaged in several small group consultations with faculty and staff leaders around the Jesuit, Catholic mission of Santa Clara University.

The Lecturer
John Haughey, S.J. is a Research Fellow at the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University.

Under the leadership of Father John Haughey, S.J., Woodstock’s Catholic Higher Education project (CHE) is working with faculty and administrators at Catholic universities around the country to foster a renewed understanding of what it means to be a “Catholic university” in today’s world -- where campuses are communities of immense diversity (including religious diversity), and where increased academic specialization and departmentalization has impacted many faculty members’ sense of a shared mission.

The project is grounded in a key theological insight: Because the pursuit of truth and the advancement of human knowledge is a fundamental “Catholic” value, all faculty members are able to contribute richly to the advancement of their university’s Catholic mission -- regardless of their academic specialization, and whether they are themselves Catholic.

Father Haughey earned an S.T.D. from Catholic University. He is a former professor of religious ethics at Loyola University Chicago, was appointed by Vatican's Council on Christian Unity to serve as member of its international dialogues with Pentecostalism and World Evangelical Alliance. He served as Associate and Corresponding Editor for America magazine, taught theology and religion at Georgetown University, Fordham University, Seton Hall University, Weston School of Theology, John Carroll University, and Marquette University.

His books include Where is Knowing Going (Georgetown University Press, 2009), Revisiting the Idea of Vocation (Editor, Catholic University Press, 2004), Housing Heaven's Fire (Loyola Press, 2002), Virtue and Affluence (Sheed and Ward,1997), Converting Nine to Five: A Spirituality of Daily Work (Crossroad/Continuum, 1989), and The Holy Use of Money: Personal Finances in Light of Christian Faith (Doubleday, 1986).

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