Bannan Visitors

The Bannan Visitors program was a program designed to invite individuals to SCU to engage in issues or activities that support the Jesuit and Catholic character. While the program is no longer active, past visitors provided a rich array of resources to the University.

Gabriel Thompson

by Gabriel Thompson |

The Lecturer
Gabriel Thompson
spent a year undercover in the immigrant work force and will speak about these experiences, which he recently published in his new book: Working in the Shadows: A Year of Doing the Jobs (Most) Americans Won't Do (Nation Books, 2010)

"For anyone who has fought for dignity in the workplace, Working in the Shadows is a triumph, and a call to arms."
       ~Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers

Gabriel Thompson was born in Eugene, Oregon and spent his formative years in the Bay Area.  He has contributed to New York, The Nation, New York Times, Brooklyn Rail, In These Times and others.  He is the recipient of the Richard J. Margolis Award, the Studs Terkel Media Award, and a collective Sidney Hillman Award. His writings are collected at The author of There's No José Here and Calling All Radicals, he lives in Brooklyn.

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