What Good Is God?

2013-2014 Bannan Institute Photo Essay

by Theresa Ladrigan-Whelpley |

In an age in which religion is associated as much with violence as benevolence, where propositions of faith are often framed as oppositional to modern science, and one-fifth of all Americans self-identify as “none of the above” with regard to religion, the 2013-2014 Bannan Institute sought to publicly engage one the most significant questions of our time through a series of lectures and facilitated dialogues with scientists, philosophers, literary scholars, engineers, theologians, poets, artists, and educators. We began in the fall quarter with a focus on God and culture, exploring the significance of secular and religious goods within civil society and then moved to engage the vexing and expansive intersections among contemporary scientific, technological, and religious paradigms under the theme of God and reality in the winter quarter. In the spring quarter, we concluded by considering the God-question within the life of a university, hosting a series of lectures and events around the role of religion within higher education.

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