Santa Clara Lecture

In 1994, through the generosity of Bannan Institute of the Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education, the Department of Religious Studies of Santa Clara University inaugurated the Santa Clara Lectures.

This series brings to campus leading scholars in theology, offering the University community and the general public an ongoing exposure to debate on the most significant issues of our times. Santa Clara University publishes these lectures and distributes them throughout the United States and internationally.

Santa Clara Lecturers 1996-2003

by Ignatian Center |

Lisa Sowle Cahill: “On Being a Catholic Feminist”
April 27, 2003

Max L. Stackhouse: “Globalization, Public Theology, and New Means of Grace”
January 26, 2003

Michael Czerny, S.J.: “University and Globalization: Yes, But”
November 7, 2002

Mary Catherine Hilkert, O.P.: “Imago Dei: Does the Symbol Have a Future?”
April 14, 2002

Gregory Chisholm, S.J.: “Wear It Like a Banner for the Proud: The Challenge of Achieve Genuine Diversity in America”
February 10, 2002

Tom Beaudoin, Ph.D.: “The Cost of Economic Discipleship: U.S. Christians and Global Capitalism”

November 4, 2001

Rick Curry, S.J.: “Life’s Bread”
April 8, 2001

Catherine Bell: “Who Owns Tradition? Religion and the Messiness of History”
February 4, 2001

Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J.: “The Service of Faith and the Promotion of Justice in American Jesuit Higher Education”
October 6, 2000

Robert E. Kennedy, S.J.: “Zen’s Gift to Spirituality”
April 9, 2000

Sandra M. Schneiders, IHM: “Religion and Spirituality: Strangers, Rivals, or Partners?”
February 6, 2000

Joseph Daoust, S.J.: “Of Kingfishers and Dragonflies: Faith and Justice at the Core of Justice Education”
October 15, 1999

David Hollenbach, S.J.: “The Common Good in Society”
April 18, 1999

Klaus J. Porzig, M.D.: “Clearing the Smoke”
February 7, 1999

Elizabeth A. Johnson: “Community on Earth as in Heaven: A Holy People and a Sacred Earth Together”
October 4, 1998

Bill Cain: “The Gospel According to Nothing Sacred”
May 17, 1998

John R. Donahue, S.J.: “Breaking Down the Dividing Wall of Hostility: A Biblical Mandate for the New Millennium”
February 8, 1998

M. Shawn Copeland: “Memory, Emancipation, and Hope: Political Theory in the ‘Land of the Free’”
November 9, 1997

Phyllis Trible: “The Transfiguration of the Mount”
April 27, 1997

Pierre DuMaine: “Faith, Religion, Church: Terrible Tensions”
January 19, 1997

Ron Hansen: “Faith and Fiction”
October 27, 1996

Mary Jo Weaver: “What’s Wrong With Being Right?”
April 15, 1996

Francis X. Clooney, S.J.: “Peering into the Mouth of God: Reflections on the Dangerous Possibility of Really Taking Religions Seriously”
January 22, 1996


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