Below are videos from Ignatian Center events as well as promotional items.

  • Already But Not Yet

    Already But Not Yet

    Diversity, Inclusion, and the Call of Justice in Jesuit, Catholic Higher Education

  • Encounter, Engage, Create

    Encounter, Engage, Create

    Moral Imagination and Ignatian Leadership

  • Black Prophetic Fire

    Black Prophetic Fire

    Intersections of Leadership, Faith, and Social Justice

  • The Fragility of Faith

    The Fragility of Faith

    How Can a Thinking Person Still Believe in God?

    McCarthy considers the role of "God" at academic institutions.

  • Bannan Institute Symposium

    Bannan Institute Symposium

    Science and Seeking: Rethinking the God Question in the Lab, Cosmos, and Classroom Bannan Institute Symposium

    This symposium brings together leading thinkers in the fields of religion and science to discuss new horizons in the quest to more deeply understand human existence.

  • Grace in Shakespeare

    Grace in Shakespeare

    This lecture discusses the role and presence of grace in Shakespeare.

  • Why Science Needs God

    Why Science Needs God

    Consolmagno argues that the root assumptions behind science are religious assumptions at their root.

  • Outsourcing Memory

    Outsourcing Memory

    Google, Memory, and Forgiveness

    Herzfeld discusses the impact of outsourcing memory more and more to computers.

  • Unknowable Reality

    Unknowable Reality

    Science, Mathematics, and Mystery

    This lecture addresses the way modern science portrays physical "reality", and will highlight some key differences between the current paradigm and the more intuitive Newtonian world view.

  • Violent Religion or the Sacred State? Violence, Idolatry, and Religion in Civil Society

    Violent Religion or the Sacred State? Violence, Idolatry, and Religion in Civil Society

    Cavanaugh argues there is no essential difference between "secular" violence and "religious" violence.



Dialoguing with Sacred Texts
This exhibit brings together contemporary artists, working in a variety of media, to engage the unfolding dynamic of sacred texts.

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