Below are videos from Ignatian Center events as well as promotional items.

  • The Word and the Words III

    The Word and the Words III

    Sacred Texts and Jesuit Mission

    Members of the Jesuit Community at Santa Clara University will reflect on sacred texts that have been of particular significance in their own lives, and how these sacred texts have shaped their understandings of Jesuit mission and identity in their work at Santa Clara.

  • The Word and the Words II

    The Word and the Words II

    Sacred Texts and Vocation

    This hosted public conversation will feature individual faculty, staff, student, and administrative leaders at the University, reflecting on the ways in which a particular sacred text root and uproot their work, lives, and vocations.

  • To Recognize and Develop the Spiritual Bonds that Unite Us

    To Recognize and Develop the Spiritual Bonds that Unite Us

    A Reflection on Christian-Muslim Relations Since Vatican II

    This Santa Clara Lecture wishes to assess the progress of this dialogue since Vatican II in four areas: harmonious living, cooperation in the service of others, theoretical foundations, and sharing of religious experience.

  • The Universal Declaration as Sacred Text

    The Universal Declaration as Sacred Text

    Reflections on the Religion of Human Rights

    Michael John Perry talks on the understanding that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) functions as a sacred text: the sacred foundational text of the religion of human rights.

  • Contested Origins

    Contested Origins

    The Hindu Hymn of the Person, the Origin of the Caste System, and the Buddhist Responses

    This talk will examine not only this myth, but also a Buddhist response to this myth, found in the Agañña Sutta, an early Buddhist work that constitutes a Buddhist response to the Hindu myth, and provides a "counter-myth," or alternate myth for the origin of things.

  • Sacred Dialogues Across the Qur'an

    Sacred Dialogues Across the Qur'an

    During the period of revelation, believing men and women raised questions about the fairness of certain practices, and even about the way in which the Qur'an spoke about them. The fact that many of these concerns were addressed by the ongoing revelation is part of the Qur'anic message that needs to be better understood.

  • Sacred Pixels III

    Sacred Pixels III

    The Digital Canon and Distributed Faith

    This event will consider the following questions: How do distributed digital communities understand and negotiate religious and spiritual authority? How do they experience and authorize a common sense of “the sacred”? How does the wide distribution and adaptation of traditional sacred texts in digital spaces reshape their meaning and authority?

  • Text and Pen

    Text and Pen

    The Legacy of Biblical Art and the Saint John's Bible

    In common with the Book of Kells and other biblical manuscripts, The Saint John's Bible brings the word of God to life on a page, and it speaks to a religious vision of the 21st century.

  • Creation and Chaos in Hindu Sacred Texts

    Creation and Chaos in Hindu Sacred Texts

    In this lecture, we will examine the interplay of creation and chaos in Hindu sacred texts and its implications for our own times.

  • Sacred Pixels II

    Sacred Pixels II

    Sacred Games

    In this event, we will consider the following questions: What role does religious belief and practice play in popular online games and gaming communities? What elements of “the sacred” are part of gaming practices? How might gaming shape religious belief? Can games be “sacred texts”?



Dialoguing with Sacred Texts
This exhibit brings together contemporary artists, working in a variety of media, to engage the unfolding dynamic of sacred texts.

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