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Video That Shows the Downside of Email for Decision Making

Monday, Jun. 18, 2012

Hi folks,

Apparently I can't embed the video directly, but here's the link (about 2min - worth it and great for sharing for people who wonder why emai isn't the best tool for collaboration):


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Reggie Bush said on Jun 18, 2012
Wow! Thanks for sharing Terri. Any news yet? Curious if we/the school has thought about providing tablets for incoming freshmen? I just saw the new Microsoft tablet and now am considering that vs iPad for daily work but had there been discussions to provide any devices included in tuition? Reggie
Terri Griffith said on Jun 20, 2012
No news, Reggie. There isn't a formal call for providing tablets or other computing devices as part of tuition -- at least to my knowledge. You might (if you haven't already) check-in with the Facebook and ask the current students what they are finding most valuable. Great questions!
Reggie Bush said on Aug 9, 2012
Terri Any updates? Reggie
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