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Google Apps for Education Coming to SCU Campus

Wednesday, Sep. 5, 2012

Faculty and staff received an email announcing that the President and Provost approved the recommendation to switch to Google Apps for Education. The transition will take place after two rounds of beta testing with the intention to go live either in the late Fall or early Winter quarter.

The Provost notes in the annoucement:

"This new suite of tools is a critical first step in enhancing the way students, faculty and staff communicate and collaborate with one another as well as with those outside the Santa Clara community.  I understand that the transition to Google will require all users to learn a new system in place of GroupWise. I greatly appreciate your full cooperation adapting to the change."

I expect more news and planning material will be provided and I will provide updates here as they are available. For those interested in the process, please see earlier posts in this blog about the town hall meetings, surveys and their results, and task force membership. Thank you for you contributions throughout the process.

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Reggie Bush said on Sep 5, 2012
So we won't have a choice to use either vendor solution? Why wouldn't the students at least be given a choice? Disappointing.
terrigriffith said on Sep 6, 2012
Hi Reggie, With today's technology you really can't have a choice within a single organization about which "enterprise" system runs your organization's email/calendaring. The backend system has to know who to go look for when a meeting request is made or how to route an email. Add-on security systems are licensed and work in certain ways with each system. I'm not an information technology infrastructure person, but know a few and this is complicated set up. SCU wants all communication & collaboration to be "up" and working for all the members of the community. You and your classmates certainly have choices about what you put on your own computers and how you choose to use collaboration software - but there are big benefits to having some commonality when a team member says "let's start a project and everyone on the team knows how to do that and where to find the info.
Reggie Bush said on Sep 7, 2012
Disagree. This is a cloud solution, so we can and in my opinion, students at a minimum should of had a choice. You should always have "a choice" in the 21st century. I'm sure the IT folks understand, the selection is not an "enterprise" one. Again, my opinion. Curious what others think, besides the surveys we took.
Nguyen said on Sep 7, 2012
I don't know many"enterprise" companies that I would be employed by and applied to that utilize GApps. I think we fell into a one sided view considering where were located. The county went the other way for specific reasons and for my future employment success, I will have to go the other way. GApps is for consumer usage, we should of thought of tomorrow and not personal opinion of today. I will use it while I am still here at SCU, but don't see it in my future employment endeavors. I'll have to then learn a true solution in the work force. While I understand how my classmates voted given the popularity of google today, we should of not been making a decision with blinders on to what will allow us to be successful after school in a job force dominated by Microsoft. I am not a big techie either, but would like a succesful career with a proven solution true enterprise organizations utilize exclusively to be productive. Regards Nguyen
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