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Groupwise Email Review

Tuesday, Jun. 21, 2011

SCU is undertaking a project to review email solutions for the University.   A team of individuals, planned to be composed of faculty, staff and students, will be collecting information on needs and looking to see what "enterprise level" solutions might meet the community's needs.

This blog is where information will be posted, including the results from data gathering to possible solutions and committee progress.   It is hoped that people who are interested in the outcome will follow this, posting their comments and suggestions such that we can make the best choice possible for the University. 

It may be difficult to identify a solution that includes everyone's most favorite feature, but with your help and feedback, we can hopefully the  solution that meets the greater need of the greater community.   Thank you

Carl Fussell,   IT

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Carl Fussell said on Jun 21, 2011
Please be sure to consider Zimbra as a possible solution. It is open source and it is very robust. Thank you.
John Price said on Oct 24, 2011
I watched a webinar last week by VMWare, comparing GroupWise and Zimbra. I thought the presentation was interesting enough to give them consideration. One feature that was noteworthy is that the browser client has the same feature set as the native clients. Zimbra claims to be third in the market behind Microsoft and IBM, with a substantial client base.
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