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Hold Oct 20 1-2pm for Town Hall

Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011

Please hold the date for our first town hall meeting (open to all students, faculty, & staff). We’re hoping to get examples of work situations where communication & collaboration could be improved through new tools & practices -- and just to share about the Task Force and its progress. More on the agenda soon.

Date: October 20th
Time: 1-2 p.m.
Location: Harrington (Library) Lab 205

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John Price said on Oct 24, 2011
Here are a couple more business processes you may want to consider: 1) Management of weekly and daily activity. For example, keeping track of tasks, notes, and appointments to know what you need to be working on during a week or a day. Management of tasks and notes helps determine priorities. 2) Research of history. For example, going back through emails to determine a sequence of events; or following a sequence of revisions to a document.
Terri said on Oct 25, 2011
I've added those to our list. One change may be that we'll use project spaces rather than emails to organize sequences of events. That way the sequence stays in one place. Another trick (until we get something better) may be to tag/label emails related to particular tasks that make them easier to find. Feel free to share practices you're using to make do - bet they'll be a help to others.
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