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Next Steps and Anticipated Timeline

Monday, Dec. 12, 2011

The break has gotten the best of us. It turns out that vendors are a bit like University folks in that things slow down at this time of the year. We've continued with our strategy of doing our job right, with time for consultation, rather than stick to our last version of the timeline. 

Our next steps and predicted calendar: 

Week of 1/9

Detailed Vendor Demos: Streamed video and then videos with notes available. We anticipate these to be 3 to 4 hours each with Microsoft & Google providing us with chauffeured software demos (vendors will coach, but one of us will work the computer) demos based on the work scenarios the community has helped us develop. We will stream this process live to the community and then will produce a version with "show notes" where topics are highlighted by time.

Week of 1/16

Microsft and Google with host open town halls to answer questions from students, faculty & staff. The task force will be working to complete formal requests for technical information (security, pricing, etc.) to hand to the vendors 

Week of 1/23

Discussion and outreach following town halls. Waiting on vendor responses to technical requests.

Week of 1/30

Town Hall with task force as soon as vendor responses available. 

Week of 2/6

Consider whether we need to hear from other vendors. It may be that neither Microsoft or Google supply us with all the collaboration capabilities we need. If so, we will consider whether we need to talk to vendors who provide add-on services.

The following dates are contingent on not speaking to other vendors:

Weeks of 2/13 & 2/20

Crafting recommendations

Week of 2/27

Sharing recommendations

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