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Open Forums w Google & Microsoft

Monday, Feb. 6, 2012

The task force is preparing for the deep demos with Google and Microsoft on the mornings of Feb 13 and Feb 16. The demos are built on the scenarios you helped us with in the earlier Town Hall. We are taping these demos (thank you to all involved!) and will have video segments available on-line ASAP.

Open Forums with Vendors

The afternoons of Feb 13 & 16 are open forums with the vendors -- Lab 205 in the Learning Commons:

-Feb 13 from 1:30-3pm Google
-Feb 16 from 1:30-3pm Microsoft

Come when you can. Ask all the questions you want.
I know many people are interested in the actual migration process that will transition us from our current system to the next. We have been assured that for both vendors there are a variety of options -- but SCU will have to make the decision about how to proceed. We'll need to evaluate whether a third-party does it or we do it in-house. 
Looking forward to seeing you at the Open Forums.


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