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Top 10 Issues from Email survey

Monday, Feb. 27, 2012

Last year a survey was sent out to the community asking what features were important and frequently used in collaboration tools, particularly email and calendaring.   Each question/feature had to parts.

  1. How frequently did people use that feature.
  2. How important did they feel that it be available

The results were organized by various communities including

  • Global - combining of communities
  • Faculty/Staff - both groups combined
  • Student - u/g and grad responses
  • Faculty Only - just faculty responses
  • Staff Only - just staff responses

For each constituency we extracted the top 10-12 questions for that group, or combined group, in the hope of seeing what the "most important" and the "most used" features were.  For example, a question with an "x" by it for a particular group means that question was one of the top 10 in importance, or top 10 in usage.  A question with an "x" in all columns means it made to top 10 list for all the groups. GW Survey Questions.pdf

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