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Welcome to the SCU Task Force on Collaboration and Communication Tools

Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011

Organizations, especially those in the Silicon Valley have gone from proprietary, internal methodologies to strategies and methods that benefit from collaboration and greater awareness of what’s going on around them. This task force was formed following the Information Services self-study (results here) and the email survey noted in the posts below. “The broad charge to this Task Force is to identify campus needs for communication and collaboration services, identify categories of tools that will meet those needs, and evaluate and recommend specific tools and vendors within each category” (the full charter is available here (or click on the Task Force Charge link in the left column).

Our suggested timeline:
  • Through 10/10: Talk with the community, engage with student committee members, draft specific work examples (positive and negative) around communication and collaboration. Note that these work examples should focus on how we get our work done -- tools and best practices  -- to improve communication. Please help us by contacting any of the task force members noted below to share your own experiences -- or feel free to post via the comment link below.  
  • Through 10/17: Continue gathering work examples (watch for a townhall to be scheduled soon). Meet with Provost on 10/12 to share plans and hear his perspective. We will also be meeting with a Gartner analyst to hear best practices.
  • Through 10/31: Craft work examples into a call for proposals for vendors (e.g., Google, Microsoft, and others as identified during the process).
  • Through 12/5: Meet with vendors
  • Through 1/16: Analysis and discussion with SCU community via the blog
  • Through 1/30: Townhall discussion of tool set and solution recommendations with SCU community
  • Through 2/3: Submit recommendations to Provost & President
  • Months following: Discussion of work practices and implementation approaches

Throughout the whole process we will be posting comments here, talking with everyone who wants to talk with us and maybe even people who don’t want to talk with us...

Next post -- using RSS (really simple syndication) to get notifications about new posts here.

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