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Provost Jacobs Met with the C&C Task Force

Friday, Oct. 14, 2011
This week the Task Force met with Provost Dennis Jacobs. We had said to him, “We look forward to talking with you about the charter and how it fits with your perspective of how work (administrative, student, faculty, connections with broader community) can best be done on campus. We have heard calls for greater collaboration and transparency and feel that at least some of the barriers have been around the tools we have at our disposal. Other barriers are more focused on our process and expectations. We look forward to your input and advice.”

He noted that he’d just come from a lunch meeting where he’d been talking about these issues. The discussion had included comments about better tools to do our work efficiently and how email wasn’t seen as effective for some of the collaboration we do.

We had an excellent discussion about the variety of ways we’d like to do our work, some of the practice changes we’ll need to consider as well as technology tool changes, and how we’ll all need to learn to make good choices for the kind of communication appropriate for the situation at hand.

All in all a helpful meeting for the task force as we see the Provost’s openness to and understanding of these ideas.

What questions do you wish we’d asked the Provost? What questions would you like to ask the Task Force? 

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